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Maxxine Dupri Is Enjoying Her Current Character

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Maxxine Dupri, the current manager of Alpha Academy and the owner of Maximum Male Models, revealed that she has been cleared to wrestle if she so desires. Maxxine claimed that playing her character was enjoyable.

Prior to joining Maximum Male Models on the Raw roster, Dupri made her main roster debut for the Smackdown brand. Maxxine joined Alpha Academy and recently teamed up with Otis.

On a recent episode of “Out of Character” with Ryan Satin, Dupri was asked whether she is cleared to wrestle after suffering a fractured fibula in 2022. She said the following:

“I am. I am cleared, I’m training in the ring,” Dupri said. “Everything’s good. We’re healthy.”

She was then questioned regarding her desire to begin competing in more wrestling matches. Dupri said she enjoys getting physical but tries to appreciate each step of her journey. She also said she loves to get physical.

“I’m trying to live in the moment,” Dupri said. So, I’m so happy and so content with my character and storyline. I’m having so much fun. I obviously would love to get a little physicality going, but I also want to just really take in every single moment. I’m never going to get this time back, so I’m just enjoying it, and when that time comes, I will be so excited.”

When discussing her training, Maxxine Dupri highlighted Norman Smiley as the person she worked with the most and spoke highly of the veteran saying:

“Norman Smiley. I love him,” Dupri said. “He’s such a special human. I love being in his class. He has such a positive delivery, and he’s obviously so talented and knows so much, so I’m always learning something new, which I love.”

Satin then asked Dupri if she wanted to wrestle more frequently, and Dupri responded that she thought the women’s roster, particularly Dana Brooke and Nikki Cross, with whom she occasionally trained, could teach her a lot.

“Of course. I would love to,” Dupri said. “I think we have so many talented women, and there’s so much opportunity for me to learn from so many of them. To be in the ring with them would be so special. I do get to roll around sometimes with Dana Brooke, or Nikki, and it’s really fun to get to learn from them. I’m excited for that time.”


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