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Mercedes Mone Talks Kairi And More

Recently, Mercedes Mone shares a few thoughts on her upcoming match with Kairi and even mentions WWE.

“Kairi has something that I want. I have a long history with Kairi and I’m coming to take back what’s mine and that is global recognition of who I am. And you can bank on Mon-e!”

Mercedes Mone briefly mentions WWE

“WWE was amazing growing up, that got me hooked – but it was the Japanese Women’s Wrestling that told myself that I could do this. That I could fight like a girl. That I could fight that hard.

Because of them, it really showed me that I can be a boss in this space. Someone that can collect money in this space. They were the leaders of this. But now I’m taking this to a whole different standard”

The Future of Mercedes Mone

“I’ve wrestled everyone around the world. So, coming to Japan? I’m never scared. I’m all about history and if it ain’t about history, then it doesn’t make any sense. When I found out about the IWGP Women’s Championship, my heart was filled with so much joy and I knew instantly what I wanted.” 

Shocking the world

“The match was amazing but the speech by Kairi afterwards is what got to me. She said we can make this even more special. Make pro wrestling even more bigger.”

She talks about putting “New Japan on the map and make it global.”

Watch the full interview here.

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