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Mercedes Varnado & Trinity Fatu Will ‘Just Vibe’ At Newly Revealed Vulture Fest Eve

Mercedes Varnado and Trinity Fatu have been extremely active over the past couple of months, making an appearance at Star Wars and Marvel premieres and walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. On November 12, Varnado and Fatu will “just be Viking for like an hour” at the Vulture Fest. Tickets for the event will range from $25 to $37 and will be available at The Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, California. Here is the link to the official page (via @annevclark).

The event is described as an hour of Varnado and Fatu reminiscing, playing games, dancing, and having a fun night. Listed below is the official Vulture Fest description.

WOW looks like @MercedesVarnado and @NaomiWWE are gonna be at Vulture Festival this year!? #SashaBanks and #naomi fans it is our time!! — AVC (@annevclark) October 26, 2022

“Have you ever been in the presence of real legends? Well, lucky you because this is your opportunity to see Mercedes Varnado and Trinity Fatu (also known as Sasha Banks and Naomi of WWE Superstar fame) live and in person for one night only. We’ll look back on some of their favorite memories, play some games, and maybe even do a little dancing? No bad vibes and nothing out of pocket – just a fun night feeling the glow with two legit bosses we’ve missed a whole lot.”

After her runway debut, Varnado told Page Six that it was like her first wrestling match.

“It felt chaotic. It felt like my first wrestling match all over again! I’m back to being the new girl,” Varnado said. “It felt like everyone was like, ‘Who’s this? Who’s taking my spot?’ But I just had to walk in with confidence like I knew what I was doing because this has been a dream of mine for such a long time, to be in the modeling space.”

“I took a deep breath and told myself, ‘I belong,'” Varnado said. “Tyra, Adriana Lima, I grew up watching all of the Victoria’s Secret girls, so I always dreamt of being on a runway. Watching those girls, I was always like, ‘I want to have wings one day.'”

Since WWE SmackDown on May 13, Banks and Naomi haven’t appeared on WWE TV. They were supposed to compete in a match for the WWE Raw Women’s Title a few days later on WWE Raw, but they withdrew following a meeting with Vince McMahon. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were they at the time.

Banks & Naomi have modeled and attended movie premieres since leaving WWE. USA Network’s “Barmageddon” will feature Banks.

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