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Mickie James and Mercedes Martinez Plan To Make Quite The Impact at Turning Point

The current and 4-time Knockout Champion, Mickie James, defends her title against the winner of the Knockouts Knockdown tournament, Mercedes Martinez. The two will go face-to-face at Turning Point this Saturday in Dallas, Texas.

After defeating Knockouts veteran Madison Rayne, The “OG Badazz” decides to show up and declare her shot. Martinez gives James her credit and props in the ring and recognizes her influence on women’s wrestling. However, Martinez has made it very clear that the only thing she is focused on is winning that Knockouts championship.

On the latest episode of IMPACT!, Martinez faced Rayne and picked up the win. As Rayne attacks Martinez with a chair, James comes to help Martinez. As the Turning Point opponents go in for a hug, Martinez takes the opportunity to display that she is here for success, no friends.

Credit: Impact Wrestling

This match displays women’s wrestling history and gives a dream match to many fans. Each of these women has made their mark and continue to push the mold of how women are viewed within the world of wrestling.

Equally important, James is a 10-time champion, holding 6 WWE Women’s Championships and currently reigning as Knockouts Champion. Martinez has traveled worldwide, dominating her competition and making history, becoming the first-ever 3-time WSU Champion.

No matter who wins, many competitors have their eye on that championship. Here are five women I believe should be next in line for a Knockouts Championship opportunity.

Tasha Steelz

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Personally, one of my favorite Knockouts. She is a wildcard in the division and, as champion, would be even more dangerous to any opponent that comes her way. All in all, Steelz and Martinez already have history from Knockouts Knockdown, as Steelz remains vocal on a dream match with James.

Jordynne Grace

Credit: Impact Wrestling

As the current Digital Media Champion, there is no denying the talent and domination Grace displays in the ring. She has proven over and over again her power no matter the opponent. Furthermore, her intergender match skill is some of the best we have seen, and becoming a double champion could be soon.

Rachael Ellering

Credit: Impact Wrestling

A powerhouse who dominates in singles and tag team divisions. That gives her even more experience in the division and quite the edge in the field of competition. Being a former champion, she knows what it takes to reach the top. In addition, her impact with the fans goes unnoticed and can give her even more motivation going forward.

Savannah Evans

Credit: Impact Wrestling

In a short time, Evans displays her power over the Knockouts division. At this point, I am terrified. I would love to see Evans team with Steelz and go after those Impact Knockouts tag team championships. She recently defeated Ellering on the latest episode of BTI and continues dominating her competition.

Tenille Dashwood

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Currently traveling the world, we have not seen Dashwood in a while. This could be the perfect time to come back and go after that Knockouts Championship. No matter if she is present or not, her influence in Impact is felt every week. All in all, the anticipation of her return continues to build as we wait for her next move.


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