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Mickie James Says Her & Trish Stratus Would Be “Unstoppable” As Tag Team Champions

As many would agree, Mickie James and Trish Stratus have one of the biggest feuds in women’s wrestling history. Their rivalry began in WWE, building a bond and friendship over the years. Recently, the two have been hinting at another match and fans are on the edge of their seats.

During Live from Liverpool on GAWTV, Mickie James talks about losing the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship. She tells fellow hosts, Lisa Marie Varon, and Valerie Wyndham, it was “stolen” from her, raising questions about a possible rematch with the current champion, Tasha Steelz.

“If Trish and I were to team together we would be unstoppable and no one could beat us!” She goes on to commend the rest of the roster while giving a slight warning of what could be. “They would be stuck!”

Varon and James Discuss Their Transition After WWE

Lisa Marie Varon is Victoria to WWE and Tara to TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. In addition, she opens up about having freedom with her matches once she left WWE. She discusses the importance of her motorcycle, being one of her passions from a young age.

Mickie James hopes for more opportunities for the forbidden door in all companies. She compares her moment at Royal Rumble to her match with Trish at WrestleMania, discussing the importance it has today. James finishes by acknowledging her gratefulness and stating that each company was amazing to work for.

All in all, Varon tells the crowd, “you never say never” while expressing her love for wrestling and each company. Furthermore, they go on to discuss their greatest moments outside of wrestling. James gives candid details of her music career and her time in Nashville making hardcore country hits.

Be sure to check out the entire interview available now.

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