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Missa Kate Talks Dream Opponents And Inspirations From The Past

Missa Kate, who made her CSW debut in 2018, has appeared on AEW Dark: Elevation and NWA USA. We wanted to learn more about Missa Kate, so WWT hosts Stephanie Hardy and Shay Sawyer sat down and questioned her about her wrestling career.

Missa mentioned as potential future opponents Mickie James, Taya Valkyrie, and Chelsea Green, among others. She discussed the current state of women’s wrestling and her hopes for its future. Missa discussed how seeing Lita participate in matches with the men was crucial in piquing her interest in wrestling. She attributes her reputation for lethal kicks to her background in soccer and kickboxing.

Missa Kate wanted to play matches with Emi Sakura and Ruby Soho to learn from them. She said she likes that people see her as a riddle because it makes her mysterious and intriguing.

Missa on Her Recent Conflict With Madi Wrenkowski:

“She thought I hit her on purpose. We’ll try therapy to figure out the confusion. As you saw, I had to kick her senseless in the ring, but I think we’re on the right track now. I was on NWA’s previous pay per view, but it was a rumble match. This was different. That was cool—I had a pay-per-view match. Madi and I are similar in many ways, including wrestling, goals, and thought processes, so that was interesting. Me and her tagging made sense, and it’s cool that it happened. I’m excited about our future. I’m excited about our plans.”

On Her Dream Opponents:

“Queen Aminata is definitely on the top, KyLynn King is somebody that’s been killing it. Taya Valkyrie is another one, Chelsea Green is another one, Mickie James is another one. There’s a lot I want to have, I’ve been fortunate enough to have like little tastes here and there of like Emi from AEW Shida and Ruby but I’m like no I want to one day have a full match with each of these women. Just from being in the ring with them by just learning a little bit and just the fun that I did have wrestling with them, I’m interested to see what we could do having a full match.”

On the Meaning Behind Her Move: “The Kick-fil-A”:

I want to kick people’s faces off. I’m nimble, strong, and did kickboxing for a year because I played soccer for 20 years. Wrestling training was getting closer to a match. Because I wasn’t expecting a match soon, I wasn’t thinking about finishers or anything. Finally, someone said, “Hey, you got to think of a finisher,” and I said, “Oh, crap.” We went over my background and a few kicks when I explained kickboxing. I think everyone liked that one. One coach lined up everyone at practice so I could kick their faces off. The origin of “The Kick-fil-A” is probably obvious. I love Chick-fil-A. I can’t take credit, but my trainer Bryce Benjamin was joking around one day and said it as a finisher. That’s how it happened—mainly because I kept eating Chick-fil-A.”

Check out our interview with Missa Kate above and on our YouTube channel.


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