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New Updates On Athena and Nixon Newell

Following Wrestlemania Weekend, Fightful Select released an update on Ember Moon and Tegan Nox. Since their exits from WWE, much has been speculated about their futures. Both of these women are highly sought after, and desirable to both Indy and Mainstream promotions.

Ember Moon/Athena

via Sportskeeda

Fightful has confirmed that Athena, previously Ember Moon, and AEW have had some preliminary discussions and interest assessments. Ember Moon and All Elite Wrestling have been “feeling each other out” since she was released, sources stated. None of the All Elite Wrestling personnel Fightful talked with stated she was urgently needed.

Tegan Nox/Nixon Newell

via Sporting News

For the last 7 months, Nixon hasn’t competed since leaving WWE in October. She told Fightful she had been preoccupied with fixing her visa concerns, a significant difficulty for many wrestling-free agents. The IIconics, now known as the IInspiration, notoriously and publicly struggled with similar issues.

Here at Women’s Wrestling Talk are excited about the prospects of where both of these women will land, as they have worked hard and contributed so much to the culture of Women’s wrestling currently. We will keep you updated on any changes in their status, as well as many of the other free agents as they pursue a new place to call home.


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