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No One Awesome Than The Kong

Many women’s lives have been changed because of Awesome Kong. Since 2002, she has crisscrossed the globe in her professional wrestling career. She introduced a new perspective to the U.S. independent circuits by hosting championships in Japan. Respect her because she has represented so many people in so many different ways, and she deserves it. She has always been the leader of the pack, never flinching from taking down her rivals.

She is widely regarded as one of the best TNA Knockouts. She is a former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion alongside TNA veteran Hamada and a two-time TNA Knockouts Champion. Her rivalry with Gail Kim is still one of the best in TNA, IMPACT Wrestling, and the Knockouts division’s history today. She competed in the 2012 WWE Men’s Royal Rumble as Kharma, becoming well-known in the wrestling community as a result.

She joined WWE Legends Chyna and Beth Phoenix as the third woman in the company’s history to enter and continue to break down boundaries for Women’s Wrestling. When it comes to wrestling, her legacy has spread to other organizations like AEW, ROH and Shimmer. In every match, she has shown her superiority over the other fighters.

The public learned about her retirement back in October when she took part in NWA Empowerrr, an all-women pay-per-view event. Later that month, she made history by being the first black wrestler and the first black woman to be inducted into the IMPACT! Wrestling 2021 Hall of Fame.

As a fan, I’d want to see Kong vs. Kim face off once again, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it. Finally, thank you for all of your contributions to women’s wrestling and wrestling in general, Kia Stevens! Every ring, promotion, and nation in the world will carry your name.


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