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NXT – April 18

Kiana James, Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley segments

Briggs arrives to Kiana’s office to ask her for help with Brooks due to the events from last week. He would like to have her talk to him for Briggs, she asks why and he says when they had their rough patch during Valentine’s Day, he was there to help. Briggs begs her for help as him and Brooks “have a bond” and she says talk to him yourself. Brooks comes out with a new look, he’s wearing glasses, a nice buttoned shirt and a pony tail. He tells Briggs, “he should go now” yet Briggs wants to talk. Briggs offers him to stop by the bar to get a drink and chat, Brooks yells, “we’re not family” and “he’s tired of being treated like a kid and Kiana treats him like a man.” Briggs tells him that Fallon and himself “never looked at him in any other way than being their brother.” Brooks says “he’s a man that makes his own decisions” and asks Briggs to leave.

Later on, Briggs is catching up with Fallon, he doesn’t understand how it’s all happening. She says Kiana has “him wrapped around her finger, maybe once he cools off, he’ll come around,” she points out that Kiana and Brooks have arrived. Briggs tells him that Brooks said things he didn’t mean, Brooks interrupts him to say, “oh no, i meant every single word, you’ve been holding me back since the day we started teaming. Kiana reminds me I’m the star of this team and Fallon you’re jealous because I’m in a great relationship.” Fallon asks why they were at the bar, Brooks says, “we’re her to challenge you two next week.” Kiana says, “mixed tag match.”

Astrid’s Point

I was not expecting Brooks’ makeover when he first appeared, I think Kiana and Brooks would end up being victorious next week but who knows? Curious as to what will happen after this match, this storyline has been going on for way too long.

Roxanne Perez v Zoey Stark

Before the match, Roxanne has a promo on Zoey. “The WWE Universe know you can go in the ring and you definitely get your flowers for it but that doesn’t mean you get free rein to run people down the way you do.” She says, “Preying on people who you perceive as weak just makes you the weakest of all. Tonight you’ll learn that character triumphs over talent every single time. On another note, I want to regain my NXT Women’s championship from Indi and Tiffany Stratton, I know you’re listening, you and your entitled self-inflated opinion believes you’re the number one contender and if I have to go through you to get my title back, then that’s what I’ll do. Tonight, Zoey Stark, I shut you up.”

Zoey and Roxanne showed how well they work together, beginning with a back and forth, having an answer to whatever they were throwing at each other. On several occasions, Zoey would be in control, Roxanne would fire up a bit but it wasn’t enough and Zoey would counter it. However, towards the second half of the match, Roxanne is truly fired up, making her unstoppable against Zoey. Stark does push Roxanne to a corner, Roxanne bounces off the middle rope to do Pop Rocks for the victory.

After her victory, Roxanne has a microphone, before she’s able to speak, Indi comes out. Indi congratulates her on the victory, she wanted to “personally” tell Roxanne that she “wouldn’t be standing here NXT Women’s Champion if it wasn’t for you and wouldn’t be much of a champion if she didn’t return the favor to someone who was never defeated for her title in the first place. I want to be a fighting champion,” she offers Roxanne a title match for Spring Breakin’ next week. Roxanne responds, “Indi, you’re my friend inside and outside of this ring, but you and I both know when it comes to that title, it’s every woman for themselves,” while accepting the match. As they are shaking hands, Tiffany Stratton arrives. “Did I go blind or something? Another woman getting a title match instead of me, shocker! Indi, why don’t you call your reign for what it actually is… pure dumb luck. You barely climbed up that ladder and you’re just handing out title matches to random, beatable opponents.” Roxanne interrupts her, “I’m sorry, beatable? Seems like Ms. Center of the universe may have some pretty bad memory, I don’t know if you remember but if I was so beatable, you would have beat me to win the Breakout tournament but you didn’t.” Tiffany says, “That is so 2022, we know you’re excited to face the most beatable champion,” when she’s interrupted by Indi. Hartwell says, “I don’t care if you are a former champion or a bimbo who thinks she has my number” as she’s going to prove she’s worthy by beating both of them.

Astrid’s Point

I really enjoyed this match, I had a feeling Roxanne would win as she needed that victory since losing her championship. I also loved that Indi arrived before Roxanne spoke and kept her word about giving Roxanne the rematch, I liked the addition of Tiffany as now I don’t know which direction they’ll take. Does Indi lose the championship this quickly? I don’t expect Roxanne to win it back already, I am torn between Indi retaining or Tiffany winning it as having Indi and Roxanne chasing her for the title would be quite interesting moving forward.

Cora Jade v Gigi Dolin

McKenzie interviews Cora about her promo last week, aimed at the top stars of the NXT women’s locker room and wonder if she regrets it. “The only thing I regret is that Lyra had to come in and interrupt me before I could get to the rest of the locker room. Trust me, there was a lot more I could have said about a lot more people. I am the savior of the NXT Women’s Division,” before she is interrupted by her opponent Gigi Dolin who tells her she “showcased the displacement of her anger” as she would know because she “learned to channel her anger and displacement by taking it out on people in the ring” which is what she has in stored for Cora

They begin with a back and forth, Gigi going for a few pin fall attempts. Just as the match is picking up its pace, Jacy arrives to take a cheap shot kick at Gigi who is able to avoid it and continue with a roll up to Cora. Jacy is standing on the apron, Gigi drags her in the ring, they battle it outside, Gigi pushes Jacy to the steel steps, kicks her head a few times before dumping by the commentary table, hitting Booker T in the process. Gigi is able to break the count from the referee, Cora runs to kick Gigi by the ropes then goes for the DDT and victory.

Jacy is seen laughing that she cost Gigi the match as Cora’s hand is raised due to her victory. Cora has a microphone in hand, Lyra’s music plays just as Cora is able to say one word. “The time for talking is over, next week your claim to be the savior of the women’s division will be tested when the two of us engage in battle.”

Astrid’s Point

I was enjoying this match, I didn’t like having the distraction so quickly but I understood wanting to continue on the story but I wish it had been done in a different way.

Jacy Jayne Interview

Jacy is asked why she keeps getting involved in Gigi’s matches. “If Gigi thought her life was tough before, that’s nothing compared to what I’m going to put her through, she just happened to forget to mention that when she was a seventeen, she abandoned her sweet baby brother, the one she claims she loves and cares about so much, left him all alone to endure their mother’s abuse. The way I see it, Gigi is no noble soul, she would rather wrestle on the indies or couch surf than protect her baby brother from their drug addict mother, I mean, imagine leaving your seven year old to fend for himself? Sickening. You know, when I’m done with Gigi Dolin, she’s going to run away from NXT, just like she ran away from her mother and her brother.”

Astrid’s Point

I did love this interview, it showed the way I love how Jacy delivered it previously, it was also about time for her to reveal something about Gigi. On previous occasions, Gigi has said that Jacy knows about her life, her insecurities, secrets, etc but we haven’t had Jacy reveal anything like this before which does contribute to the points of how they shared a lot with each other.

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