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Tiffany Stratton Promo

"When a superstar is born, no one sleeps on it. You don't need to take classes to learn it. You are just it, and I'm it. At 24 years old, I am this fab and nowhere near my prime. I'm the epitome of what a women's champion is. I run faster, I jump higher, I lift heavier and I look way hotter than everybody else. The Great American Bash, my first premium live event as champion and I didn't come this far for it to be taken away by some 19 year old brat. The girl has energy, I'll give her that. Thea Hail is a human energy drink, she'll probably run from Florida to Texas. But how catastrophic would it be for Thea Hail to become Women's Champion? It's my responsibility to no one but myself to make sure she doesn't get my hands on my title and let's set the record straight. At Gold Rush, I didn't tap out, my hand grazed the mat a couple times but the referee didn't see it. So it never happened. Out of the goodness of my heart, I gave the people the rematch they wanted because everybody loves Thea Hail. She's adorable. Really? What you call attacking me and forcing me into a submission match, I don't call that adorable. I call that despicable. But payback's coming, Thea Hail can bring Mr. Chase, bring Duke, bring the student section because it won't matter, after the Great American Bash, the universe will still revolve around me, and I will still be NXT Women's Champion. Toodles."

Astrid’s Point

I really enjoyed this promo from Tiffany, it was very well done and while discussing every point she had to bring up about Gold Rush and Thea Hail.

Dana Brooke (with Kelani Jordan) v Cora Jade - Kendo Stick Match

Dana throws Cora to the steel steps, sending Cora over the commentary table. She has her sight on Cora with a kendo stick in hand but Cora sweeps her off her feet, Dana lands on top of the commentary table. Kelani watches as Cora keeps the attack on Dana with a kendo stick. Cora hits Dana with a kendo stick to the back, she compiles them together before slamming Dana onto them. She also grabs one to use against Dana's face, pressuring it. Cora uses a kendo stick to trap Dana in the corner before kneeing her, Dana is able to unwrap herself before hitting Cora with a shoulder tackle in a corner.

Dana does her cartwheel and elbows Cora in the face; Cora hits her DDT followed by a pin. Cora brings a chair to the ring, she sits Dana on it, signaling to Kelani to watch who stands on the apron, distracting Cora. Dana takes advantage of the distraction, uses the chair to hit Cora's midsection and spine. Kelani presents Dana with a pink kendo stick; she uses it repeatedly on Cora. Dana sets up the steel chair with the kendo sticks on top, slamming Cora with suplex onto them before climbing the post to land a Swanton Bomb, pin and victory.

Astrid’s Point

I really enjoyed the match more than I thought I would, I am glad to see Dana getting a spotlight in WWE somehow and used more consistently as well. It was surprising to see Cora lose though and her tweet (above) following the loss is making me wonder if we'll get a new character for her as this one doesn't seem to be working much.

Blair Davenport & Roxanne Perez Altercation

Blair is entering the building saying, "I know she has been having chats with her best friend Booker T and yes, I am cold. I am colllected. I am vicious and I proved to everyone as to why..." Roxanne enters the store, attacks Blair from behind, she throws her over the tables, Blair turns it around hitting Roxanne onto a freezer. They have a back and forth as customers are watching and leaving. Roxanne yells, "Is this what you wanted? This is what you wanted, right? This is what everybody wanted. This is a taste of the Roxanne Perez you're gonna get at the Great American Bash." Roxanne exits the store as the sirens are heard and Blair is laying on the floor.

Astrid’s Point

Watching this segment reminded me of Booker T V Stone Cold Steve Austin's supermarket brawl especially with Booker being Roxanne's mentor and seeing them chatting about her against Blair last week too. It does give us a glimpse into a more aggressive Roxanne which is what I hope to see at GAB especially when it's a Weapons Wild match.

Supernova Sessions

Meta Four (Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend) gift Noam Dar a replica of the Heritage Cup since he hasn't been himself after losing to Nathan Frazer. Noam jumps from his wheelchair, Dragon Lee and Nathan interrupt them, Nathan mentions that it seems Noam isn't injured and would be able to wrestle. Noam says, "I didn't lose the heritage Cup, this is what a champion looks like." Oro says, "That sounds really good, there are four of us and only two of you." Dragon Lee interrupts, "Tranquilo, tranquilo. What makes you think that we came alone?" Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon take out Jakara and Lash, Nathan and Dragon are able to take care of Noam Dar and Oro Mensah.

Astrid’s Point

This was a funny segment and it was a fun way to include Valentina and Yulisa and to make the match official. I hope we get Noam v Nathan perhaps after GAB.

Thea Hail Video Package

"Thea, we're five days away from you becoming the youngest women's champion of all time. Five days aways from you making Tiffany tap out." Thea begins to train with Andre and duke. Andre says, "The recruitment of Thea Hail started three years ago. She started wrestling school at 16 years old and blossomed into Chase U material. Her parents had to take her to independent shows because she was too young to drive. When National Signing Day rolled around and she put on that Chase U hat, the university went insane." Duke says, "Without me, Thea Hail isn't the future NXT Women's Champion, I mean I am the MVP and I have been with her every step of the way. Think of me as her confidant, motivator, best friend. You know, I was there when she won her fist match." Andre says, "Thea isn't the biggest or the strongest, but she's got heart and it's as big as a lion, the spirit second to none. She can lock in that Kimura from anywhere." Duke continues, "Thea locks in that Kimura lock and you have a new NXT Women's Champion so don't doubt this young woman, if you doubt her, the Battle Royal happens, if you doubt her, Gold Rush happens. Last week happens. And if you doubt her at the Great American Bash, you will hear and new!!" Thea says, "I know miracles don't happen every day because they wouldn't be miracles but I don't need a miracle, all I need is a chance. A chance to prove people wrong and it's really fun to prove people wrong. This Sunday at the Great American Bash, I don't think I can win. I know I can win and become the youngest women's champion history."

Astrid’s Point

I absolutely loved this video package, it was nice to see how Thea's character started and where she is now and also it gave me hope that she could win, they made me believe it. It'll be shocking to see her win and how that would happen. I also loved Thea having her Rocky moment towards the end there when she reaches the Performance Center with her Chase U classmates, Mr. Chase and Duke.

Lyra Valkyria v Rhea Ripley

Earlier tonight Lyra was interviewed. "McKenzie, I've been in NXT for a little over 7 months, I need to know where I stand. Rhea Ripley, I've been watching her since NXT UK and look at where she is now, she's the measuring stick of the WWE and now I know she has been watching me this whole time too. I need to know where I stand, I am not gonna just bide my time and wait in the shadows like Jacy Jayne or any other women in the locker room. Tonight is not about Rhea, it's not about Jacy, tonight's about me. Tonight I am going to show the world who I am.

Rhea quickly overpowers Lyra who is able to use her speed to sweep Rhea off her feet them stomp on her causing Rhea to be upset. Lyra goes for a roll up, Rhea kicks her, momentarily stopping Lyra's momentum. Rhea picks up Lyra, hitting her with several shoulder tackles, chopping her. Lyra begins to gain speed, Rhea overpowers Lyra to reverse it into a German suplex causing Lyra to slide outside. Lyra intertwines her arms with Rhea's to do a back slide, Rhea reverses it. Rhea also drops Lyra on the mat, Rhea is setting up for the riptide, Lyra is able to reverse it into a sleeper hold. Rhea backs up into a corner to have Lyra break it apart, Lyra runs towards Rhea, she head butts Lyra. Rhea climbs the post, does her Eddie Guerrero shoulder shimmy, Lyra climbs on the top, dropping Rhea outside. Lyra runs to dive, Dom pushes Rhea, Lyra kicks him out. Lyra realizes this, goes for a take down on Rhea. Lyra goes for a cross body, Rhea catches her, she's about to set up Lyra for the riptide but Lyra reverses it. Lyra quickly climbs to the top, dropping onto Rhea with a splash, pins and Rhea kicks out. Dom brings the championship to the ring for Rhea to use, Lyra is focused on Rhea, with several strikes. Lyra jumps on the ropes, Rhea stops her, Lyra lands on the mat, Rhea goes for riptide and the victory. Rhea grabs Lyra's face, telling her, "Prove me right, beat Jacy Jayne, show me."

Astrid’s Point

In her 7 months in NXT, I've only enjoyed Lyra match against Tiffany, when this was announced, I hoped Rhea would give her a good match and that accurately happened. Rhea gave her the opportunity to highlight, showcase her talent and arsenal even when she lost. Lyra doesn't look bad during this loss either as she show how great she can be with a great partner. My hope now is that she's able to apply this to her next match against Jacy Jayne. I really, really loved this match, it was an amazing opportunity to show Rhea's power and Lyra's speed and both were able to show us what they can do.


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