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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

NXT – June 6

Schism v Creeds Brothers & Ivy Nile

When we anticipate that this will be the match’s first encounter, Ava tags in Rip Fowler, forcing Ivy to tag in one of the Creed brothers. Ivy’s display of strength as she picked up Brutus to suplex him onto Rip Fowler was very impressive. Then, as she throws herself onto Fowler as well, she asks Julius to assist her.

When Ava and Ivy are face to face, they engage in a back and forth exchange. Ivy eventually takes the upper hand by kicking Ava’s legs, knocking her to the ground until Ivy can reverse it for her submission, which is interrupted by Jagger Reid. Jagger is then placed in a submission by Ivy, which the referee breaks up. Jagger draws the referee’s attention, so Ava uses her Schism to headbutt Ivy before pinning her and winning.

Astrid’s Point

I loved how Ivy was showcased during the match, she looked incredible with the Creed brothers. Ava was protected as she was barely in the match which is understandable as she is still learning but even her presence alone helped them get the victory. I hope we are able to see Ivy v Ava one on one and we are able to see Ava’s growth in the ring.

Blair Davenport v Dani Palmer

Dani is able to display her athletic prowess as she initially tries to avoid Blair. Davenport then starts to demonstrate her strength, aggression, and aggressiveness toward Dani. Blair is always there to close Dani’s windows of opportunity and slow her down.

Astrid’s Point

The match was short but it made sense with this story especially since it’s Blair’s return match and exactly what is needed as the story is beginning here as well against Dani. It makes sense for her to stop Dani first and then continue going against the people that she attacked before as they seek their revenge.

Tiffany Stratton Interview

Tiffany is asked about her reaction to Dana Brooke showing up to be in the Battle Royal. “I wish I could say I was shocked but I’m not. Of course, Dana Brooke wants a shot at my championship. Come one, come all. Sometimes the title makes the superstar but, in this case, I’ve already made this championship the most desirable championship in all of WWE and what I would absolutely love about tonight is every single woman in that ring is envious of what I have… And I have no problem proving that I am in a class of my own to whoever wins tonight.”

McKenzie asks who Tiffany thinks will win and she replies, “TBH, Lyra Valkyria is like the only woman I can see pulling it off, I mean she pushed me at Battleground, like damn girl, you were almost at the Tiffy top, but it doesn’t matter because the result will stay the same on the other side, NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton.”

Astrid’s Point

I enjoyed this interview, the part when she compliments Lyra really shocked me but I am glad it was done. I also liked her response to everything.

Number One Contenders Battle Royal

Thea is earlier seen leaving her training session with Dempsey and Gulak. When she returns to Duke, he tells her that what she has been learning won’t help her in the Battle Royal.

Dana Brooke shows up during the program to compete for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Kiana claims it was the before phone call and she can’t wait for the after-phone call after she calls him for losing. Gigi and her brother are on the phone talking about the upcoming match. “An outcast like you, with your background and your emotions, always falls short,” Kiana remarks.

Advertised we have: Brooklyn Barlow, Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend, Elektra Lopez, Lola Vice, Tatum Paxley, Kelani Jordan, Jacy Jayne, Kiana James, Cora Jade, Gigi Dolin, Lyra Valkyria, Roxanne Perez, Fallon Henley, Thea Hail, Valentina Feroz, Yulisa Leon, and surprise entrant: Dana Brooke.

Brooklyn Barlow is swiftly eliminated by Jacy Jayne. Jakara is kicked off the apron by Dana Brooke, but Oro Mensah is there to save her and puts her back on it. As both women battle on the apron, Cora Jade eliminates Lola Vice while Gigi Dolin briefly concentrates on Kiana James, who then eliminates Gigi. Kelani Jordan is thrown by Lash Legend toward the post, but she is able to escape by jumping over the other side of the apron. Jakara arrives from the opposite direction to defeat Kelani and get rid of her.

Fallon Henley is fighting Jakara; after receiving a kick from Fallon, Jakara again lands on Oro’s arms to avoid being eliminated. Thea Hail lands on the other side of the ropes to knock Oro Mensah to the ground, but she is not defeated. Jakara is officially ejected from the match when Legend overpowers Thea and throws her over the steel steps. When Lash is double-teamed, Valentina and Yulisa work together to try to get rid of her. As Yulisa and Valentina prepare to be officially eliminated after going over the top rope, Lash and Jakara work to eliminate them after Lash is eliminated.

Since Blair Davenport isn’t involved in the match, her arrival causes Roxanne to become distracted. Blair then engages Cora in back-and-forth before hitting Cora with a Russian leg sweep. To engage Blair outside, Roxanne descends from the bottom rope. Till Tatum helps Blair by removing her from Roxanne and then striking Roxanne with a cross body, Roxanne kicks and prepares for Pop Rocks. When Roxanne is pulled into the ring by the double team after Tatum is eliminated, Roxanne is then eliminated by Jacy. Just as Jacy is enjoying the victory, Lyra kicks her in the back and turns her attention to Cora, Dana, and Fallon. Lyra tries to eliminate Fallon, but Jacy steps in to stop her. Lyra then eliminates Jacy by wrapping her legs around her neck, and Cora knocks her out with a double kick.

Cora, Fallon, Dana, and Kiana James make up the top four. Fallon pursues them all and kills each one of them. The conflict between Fallon and Kiana is brought up again, and Fallon hangs out with Kiana while taking her out. Dana pursues Fallon, and then Cora does the same. Fallon manages to wrap her legs around Dana’s neck while she is in the corner attempting to hit Fallon with a springboard elbow, but Cora successfully knocks Fallon to the ground, eliminating her. Thea appears as if she hadn’t been eliminated earlier as Dana and Cora square off. Cora kicks Dana, who is still holding on, and they hit each other with a clothesline.

Together, Thea and Dana attempt to take out Cora until Thea accidentally hits Dana rather than Cora. Thea holds on as Jade attempts to throw her over while Dana recovers and concentrates on Cora. Dana briefly has the upper hand before Cora seizes it. Dana then holds on to Cora in order to get rid of her, and Thea gets rid of both of them to win. To celebrate, Thea’s fellow Chase University students enter the ring; Gulak and Dempsey are applauding as they do so, and Duke is making his way in.

Astrid’s Point

Since Duke told Thea earlier that her training wouldn’t help her during the Battle Royal, I had a feeling she would play a key part in it, but I didn’t think she’d win. Dana’s arrival was pretty interesting, I’d love to see her more involved in NXT with this current roster. The backstage interaction between Kiana and Gigi already made me think one would eliminate the other and it would be the start of a new storyline for both of them. One thing I love about this Battle Royal is knowing that so many storylines are coming from this: Kiana v Gigi, Jakara is & Lash v Yulisa & Valentina, Roxanne v Blair & Tatum, Cora and Fallon and/or Dana, so many parts will be coming from this, and I am looking forward to it!

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