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NXT – November 8 

Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons Arrive

Sol Ruca vs. Elektra Lopez

Elektra knees Sol’s head after she lets go of Elektra’s hold. Sol knees Elektra, then puts Elektra’s head on the mat. Sol shoots Elektra after she knees her. She chops Elektra until she’s on the ropes, then pulls, but she reverses. Sol bounces off the ropes, Elektra grabs her arm, and Sol delivers a facebuster.

Sol chases Elektra, she hits a clothesline, and she pins him. Elektra pins Sol after kneeing her. Elektra kicks Sol drags her to a corner, and clotheslines her before kneeing her back twice, elbowing her chest, and pinning her.

Sol is trying to escape Elektra’s headlock, but Elektra takes her down and tightens it. Ruca reverses it by rolling up. Sol rolls up again and runs, hitting Elektra with two clotheslines and a drop kick. Ruca pulls Elektra off the ropes, she tries a clothesline, but Sol runs the ropes and shoulders her. Sol tries to climb the ropes and cartwheel splash Elektra, but she falls. Elektra electrocutes Sol to win.

As Elektra celebrates her victory, Indi Hartwell attacks her from behind; they fight outside the ring as referees try to separate them.

Astrid’s Point

I am glad this was a good showcase to Elektra’s character; overall surprised Sol lost a match so soon. However, they are still very green but a good show of improvement for both competitors.

😱😱😱#WWENXT @wwe_alba @WWE_MandyRose — WWE (@WWE) November 9, 2022

Toxic Attraction Video Chat

Jacy and Mandy check in with each other, Jacy is nervous to go to the arena since Alba took out Gigi last week and she has a few broken ribs. Jacy believes a mall cop stopped her until Alba opens the door to take her out. Alba tells Mandy that she took out Gigi last week and now Jacy and next week, she’s taking the championship and she’ll be the Last Woman Standing.

Astrid’s Point

I like that Alba took Gigi out last week, so she wasn’t on this call. I thought Alba would be behind Jacy in the car, but it was nice that Mandy saw her hit, Jacy.

Indi Hartwell Interview 

Indi is asked about her earlier attack on Elektra, “She came back to NXT wanting to prove a point, but no one is going to prove a point on me.” Hartwell says, “You have to take what you want otherwise is not going to happen.”

Astrid’s Point

I like that Indi has a character arc; I’m looking forward to her facing Elektra and finding herself. Indi reacts similarly to how she did during this interview when Roxanne checks on her, being self-protective.

Briggs, Jensen and Henley Segment 

Kiana and her assistant walk in the bar owned by Fallon and her family, Kiana brings up the proposal she gave Fallon to sell the bar to build an apartment complex instead. Fallon tells her she doesn’t want to sell as she has memories in the bar with her family. Kiana and her assistant leave once Kiana isn’t able to change Fallon’s mind.

Astrid’s Point

I liked that they were able to give us some background into her family and the bar too. It seems this will be a way to bring up Kiana James vs. Fallon Henley some time soon.

Cora Jade Promo 

We get a video package from Cora v Valentina Feroz last week then Wendy coming to assist Valentina when Cora has her kendo stick. “You made the save for someone you probably don’t even know. Wendy, you have a hero complex. You got a friend complex.” Cora talks about Wendy’s desperation to be liked, accepted. “Next time you want to make a friend at my expense, think twice about it.”

Astrid’s Point

I really enjoyed this promo from Cora, she seems to show more confidence in her voice and character. I am not entirely sure why she’d facing Wendy; it seems a bit random, but it’ll be a good way to build up Cora even further.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match 

Katana and Zoey seem like they’re about to lock up but Zoey has Katana’s arm locked in, backing to her corner for Nikkita to tag in. Nikkita takes over Katana’s arm, picking up Katana and placing her on her shoulders then dropping her to focus on the arm again. Nikkita backs to her corner to tag in Zoey, Stark jumps on Katana’s arm. Zoey pushes Katana to the ropes, she bounces off of them and jumps, landing behind Zoey. Stark turns around, Katana took her down, placing her on a headlock. Zoey pushes Katana to a corner, Katana avoids Zoey when she runs towards her.

Katana is setting her next move, Zoey pusher her away while she’s in the air, Kayden is able to assist Katana to land on Zoey’s knees for a monkey flip but Zoey lands on her feet. Katana goes a huracanada combination on Zoey, tags in Kayden. Carter assists by taking Zoey down while Katana flips onto Zoey with double knees and Kayden goes for a pin.

Carter has Zoey on a headlock, Zoey breaks free by pushing Kayden to the ropes. Kayden bounces, Zoey is going for a clothesline but Kayden ducks it, jumping over Zoey as she flips. Kayden gets closer to Zoey who hits Kayden with a drop kick. Zoey gets close to her corner, Nikkita tags in.

Lyon knees Kayden, Zoey slides away from them and returns with a clothesline, Nikkita pins Kayden. Nikkita and Kayden have a back and forth kicking each other than Nikkita attempts a spinning kick, Kayden avoids it and holds Nikkita’s leg, Nikkita reverses it, Kayden lands on the mat. Nikkita has Kayden’s arm locked in, drives Kayden to a corner, pulling her away then back to it then picking her up. Zoey enters the ring, picking up Katana as they simultaneously drop them on the mat. Katana and Kayden both kick Nikkita and Zoey, Stark goes after Katana who lowers the top rope so she’s out of the ring. Chance and Carter are holding on to each other, Nikkita runs towards them, they both avoid her. Katana is on her knees; Kayden climbs her back and drop kicks Nikkita.

Nikkita is outside, Kayden is on the apron, Nikkita goes to sweep Kayden off of her feet, but Kayden responds with a mini cartwheel then kicks Nikkita. Kayden is going for a crossbody, but Nikkita catches her, Katana sees it and kicks Nikkita to assist Kayden. Katana sees Zoey, head scissors her outside.

Zoey has Katana in a stretch muffler, Katana is able to change her position to reverse it and roll up Zoey. Katana goes after Zoey who catches her, Katana is about to wiggle out. Zoey then goes after her, Katana slides from under Zoey to tag in Kayden.

Kayden takes down Zoey, takes a shot at Nikkita on the apron. Kayden goes after Zoey then for a roll through to then kick Zoey, Kayden runs to the ropes landing on Zoey with an attempted kick that Zoey was able to avoid. Katana is inside the ring, assisting Kayden to take down their opponents outside the ring. Katana then takes down Nikkita as well.

Kayden brings Zoey in the ring, tags in Katana. Chance is climbing the ropes while Kayden is positioning Zoey for their double team move and a pin. Katana runs to the ropes, taking down Zoey momentarily. Zoey tags in Nikkita, Katana is going towards Kayden, but Nikkita caught up to them and took down Kayden.

Nikkita throws Katana to a corner, running after her but Katana had moved. Katana climbs to the top, landing a crossbody on Nikkita who shows off her power by holding Katana to throw her on the mat and tagging in Zoey. Stark lands a half and half on Katana, hitting Katana with a spinning kick then a pin.

Kayden enters the ring to break the pin, Nikkita is holding her back. Kayden and Nikkita are fighting off outside then Kayden kicks Nikkita, taking her down. Zoey climbs to the top, Katana moves to avoid her, going after Zoey who pushes Katana, she lands on the middle rope and is able to hold her position to jump on Zoey and counter her then going for a pin that Nikkita breaks up.

Kayden goes after Nikkita, both kicking each other, all ladies are down on the mat. Zoey takes a shot at Katana who responds to her, Zoey goes for another one but Katana ducked, Zoey almost hit Nikkita but stopped herself before doing so.

Katana and Kayden were going to kick Zoey but Nikkita moved her and took it instead. Zoey kicks Katana then Kayden, kicking Katana to set up for her finisher but Katana lands on her feet. Katana goes for spinning DDT, tags in Kayden who holds Zoey in place for Katana to do their finisher then Kayden pins Zoey to retain their championships.

As the referee is going to return the championships to Kayden and Katana, Zoey and Nikkita take them instead as a show of respect. Zoey then takes Kayden’s champion, hits Nikkita with it, goes to do the same to Kayden and Katana who ran out of the ring.

Zoey holds Nikkita while she runs to the ropes for a low kick, Zoey then throws the championship to Kayden.

Astrid’s Point

Wow, this match was incredible to watch, their first encounter was my favorite between both teams but still I am not taking anything away from this match. I had seen the signs of Zoey’s turn, though I expected Nikkita to take the pin so Zoey would have a reason to be upset with her being the loss of their match but she got pinned instead. I thought that with hopefully Toxic Attraction moving to the main roster soon, they need a top heel to take over and Zoey is the correct person to do so. Plus it’ll also help Nikkita grow as a performer when facing someone as experienced as Zoey too. I am looking forward to whatever comes next with Zoey, I am intrigued with the turn and her position in the women’s division.


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