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Q&A With NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille

We are back again for another question and answer with Kamille. The current NWA World Women’s Champion takes to Instagram this week. In addition, she answers more questions for fans.

Here are a few questions and her responses to fans.

Q: How did Thom get so lucky?

I’m the lucky one!!!!

Q: Have you ever played video games? And if so, what was your favorite?

I have, but never with any idea what I’m doing. I just press buttons.

Q: Will you be at WrestleCon?

Idk that’s in April I have no idea what I’ll be doing by then.

Q: What celebrity would you like to meet?

Gordon Ramsey and have him cook for me.

Q: Favorite Rock bands?

Do Queen and Journey count?

Q: How do you have so much power to torture rack max and do kip up last night and coast to coast at AAA

I ate a lot of Bojangles growing up.

Q: Are you excited for Mexico?

Of course!

As we know, Kamille continues to reign supreme as NWA World Women’s Champion. During her reign, she proves to be at the top of her game. With that being said, who would you like to see her defend her championship against next?

Join the conversation now and let us know over on our Twitter page @WWTalkPod who you think should step up.

For all things Kamille, follow her on Instagram @kamillebrickhouse and Twitter @Kamille_brick. Be sure to check out our footage from the latest NWA live show on our Instagram page @wwtalkpod.


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