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Rampage Recap: The Anna Jay and Julia Hart Rivalry Continues

It’s Friday night and you know what that means? Time for another episode of AEW Rampage. This week Anna Jay continues to seek revenge on Julia Hart. But standing in her way is Fort Lauderdale’s own Ashley D’Amboise. 

The Match

D’Amboise starts off strong, showing the babyface fire you’d expect from someone debuting on Rampage in their hometown. Yet, Ashley’s momentum is snuffed out pretty fast as Anna pulls her opponent to the bottom corner of the ring and wraps her around the ring post.

Jay remains in control and continues to show off some innovative manoeuvres. At one point, she hits a dragon sleeper backbreaker, a move you rarely see. The crowd try their best to rally around their hometown hero, but Jay shuts them up as they head to a commercial break.

We return to find D’Amboise mid-comeback. However, Jay turns the tide in her favour by countering a short-arm clothesline into a neckbreaker. Anna Jay locks in the Queenslayer, forcing D’Amboise to tap out—your winner of the match, Anna Jay. 

The Aftermatch

Post Match, the lights go out, and Julia Hart appears. Hart gets the jump of Jay, but the JAS member quickly turns the tide as they brawl out on the ringside area. After wrapping Hart around the ring post, referees eventually pull the two women apart.

Final Thoughts

Overall a decent match. Anna Jay’s heel persona improves as she becomes more comfortable in the ring. We saw very little from D’Amboise, but what we saw was a solid foundation to build off of. For a squash match, the hometown girl did what she needed to do, make Anna Jay shine.

A pull-apart brawl is nothing new, but I am all for it if it means more mid-card storylines for the women’s division. It blends in nicely with the Jericho Appreciation Society vs House of Black feud that has been brewing. Great to see some mid-card world-building in the women’s division.

Those are my thoughts, but what do you think of this week’s Ramage? Do you want to see Julia Hart and Anna Jay face off again? Do you think Ashley D’Amboise would make an excellent addition to the women’s division? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you.


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