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Ricky J's Rasslin Road Report: F1ght Club Pro Wrestling's CP Time Happy Juneteenth

Welcome to a brand-new edition of Ricky J’s Rasslin Road Report. It’s been a minute since AEW’s Anniversary weekend last year and I'm back for another Rasslin Road Report but this time it’s in the independent wrestling circuit. There are a few promotions in the DMV and one of them that I'm covering today is F1ght Club Pro Wrestling based out of the Maryland area as they present “CP Time Happy Juneteenth”.

Indie Wrestling upstart Avery Jax who has been on Women’s Wrestling Talk before was in action in a Intergender triple threat match.

Avery Jax -vs- Techno -vs- Saul Esparza

The match began with three competitors showing respect with the code of honor and quick pinfall attempts around. The Anomaly known as techno uses technical (no pun intended) prowess against Esparza and then has a standoff with Avery Jax as the Maryland crowd applauds. Techno has the upper hand on Jax which gives Techno the two counts. The crowd has Avery Jax in her corner in this contest which helps her out of some predicaments. A tower of doom by Saul takes both Techno and Avery down before the three get up from the ten counts. Exchanges of knife edge chops on both Avery and Techno by Saul Esparza. Just as Avery Jax had the upper hand and the victory, Esparza took advantage and won the match with the Sit out powerbomb.

Winner: Saul Esparza

Rating: 4 ½ stars

After a 5-star main event classic at the end of the night for the F1ght Club Pro’s Wildcard which could be used for a future Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Championship which is currently held by Trish Adora (even now Andino self-proclaimed him with the title) between Suge D and Eel O’Neal which ended in a draw from a double pin, “The Journeyman'' Suge D called out Trish Adora to challenge her in a match for a third time possibly for the PAWDC World title. Saying “even if you're busy I understand but on October 15th. Come home.”

Will “The Afro-Punk” come back to F1ght Club Pro Wrestling and accept Suge’s challenge? Find out on October 15th.

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