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Ring Of Honor Recap | 3.16.23

Athena defeats Hyan

Tonight, Athena defends her Ring Of Honor Women’s World Championship against Hyan. In addition, Hyan is familiar with the wrestling community, competing all over Texas. As ROH returns, everyone is looking to make their mark and Hyan is one of them.

During the match, Hyan gives Athena a run for her money with her impressive strong style ability. In the end, Athena retains and takes measures into her own hands. After the match, Athena attacks Hyan, slamming Hyan’s head into the title.

Athena wants Yuka at Supercard of Honor

Shortly after, Athena calls out Yuka Sakazaki.

#ROH Women’s world champion @AthenaPalmer_FG is officially calling out @YukaSakazaki for a fight on Friday, March 31st, at Supercard of Honor! Watch #ROH Honor Club TV, streaming at! — ROH – Ring of Honor Wrestling (@ringofhonor) March 17, 2023

Their match will take place two weeks from tomorrow at ROH Supercard of Honor. Tickets are still available.

Trish Adora defeats Madison Rayne

Trish Adora and Madison Rayne each are looking to climb the ranks in ROH. In addition, this win gives them one step closer to an opportunity at gold. In the end, Adora gains yet another victory.

Following the match, Adora and Rayne greet one another with a handshake. With her momentum raising, it is only a matter of time before Adora gets her shot at the ROH Women’s World Championship.

Be sure to check out our weekly Ring Of Honor post-show. Stream live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.


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