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Robyn Reid: The Black Diamond

An alumnus of Booker T ROW wrestling and the former head of creative talent for GCW, Robyn Reid is unquestionably a pioneer in the world of professional wrestling.

Robyn made her professional wrestling debut in 2014, and since then she has worked for organizations such as Title Wrestling Entertainment, Fighting Evolution Wrestling, Rise Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling 2.0, where she held the Women’s championship for 329 consecutive days.

She truly developed her persona as “The Black Diamond” during her time at Reality of Wrestling, and she went on to become the Diamond Division champion during her time there as well.

Robyn has also dabbled in the whimsical and campy realm of WOW wrestling, where she went under the ring moniker The Disciplinarian for a brief period of time. She was a competition not to be trifled with, and she wore a severe frown and a wooden paddle to prove it. This persona was created when Robyn discovered that she had previously worked as a teacher in her actual life. What a great example of life mimicking art!

In light of the identities that Robyn Reid had established, it was logical to assume that she had a strong passion for storytelling in the world of professional wrestling.

Robyn accepted the chance to write for the GCW company, which is situated in Tampa, Florida. Having women on the creative teams of promotions will almost surely result in better buildups to feuds for women in the future, as well as the ability to have their opinions heard and implemented.

While Robyn is an excellent wrestler with excellent mic abilities, she is also putting her name on the line to help alter the landscape for women in wrestling by gaining a seat at the table to effect change.


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