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ROHTV Women’s Tournament Documentary

ROH produced a special edition of ROH TV over the weekend that recorded the summer women’s tournament. This episode begins with ROH board member and administrator of the women’s division, Maria Kannelis, discussing how the tournament competitors are preparing to perform sit-down interviews to discuss their purpose and reason for competing.

During her conversation, Maria gave an honest and insightful look back at her own career as a wrestler, backstage interviewer, and manager. How that path leads her to where she is now, and how she feels most at ease at this point. The ROH women’s tournament will be announced on March 26, 2021. The objective was to resurrect the division and make it a symbol of the high degree of excellence for which ROH is known.

Clips of all the ladies discussing what a wonderful honor it was to win the golden ticket for the tournament, as well as their individual reactions when contacted by Maria, were shown. Despite the gratitude shown by the ladies who were new to ROH, legends such as Susie Sakai had deep roots in the business and talked lovingly of her first experience wrestling in the United States in 2002 and how much ROH meant to her.

When Maria went, Mandy Leon made it known that she was here for ROH, and she and other ladies were putting in effort while she opted to check if the grass was greener on the other side. Angelina Love didn’t understand the point of the event since she was a lock to win the women’s title.

These women’s inspiration was both motivating and relatable. Mazzerati is a woman who has finally discovered herself and is no longer undermining her self-worth by feeling that there is anything wrong with her skin tone, speech, or that she is nothing. With each match and each stride down the ramp, she gains confidence. Miranda Alize is defying the odds every day by putting her difficult history and upbringing behind her. There will be no more gang violence, drug addiction, or thoughts of abandonment around her. She is shaping her destiny as a Lucha baddie.

Willow Nightingale is defying the terrible aesthetic standards in this profession and creating a new template for who may be successful in the company. Rok-C battled to pursue her ambition of being a wrestler. Even after she was booted out of her house and alienated from her mother. ROH reintroduced her mother into her life, and she has capitalized on that drive to excel in the organization.

Trish Adora has carried her mother’s love throughout the road and fought in the ring while her mother was battling cancer. Trish has learned that time is of the utmost and that she must seize the day. She stands tall and strong, her head held high, and does so much to make up for her mother’s low self-esteem and lack of belief in herself when she was younger. Every time she steps into the ring, she bears her mother’s hopes on her back.

Danhausen also made a special appearance to make his two tournament choices. Trish Adora and Max the Impaler grabbed her eye, and she had to give them her permission before leaving into the night.

The women’s bracket was presented at the best in the world PPV, and Chelsea Green made her debut. She stated that she will contribute to making this division the best it could be. It was heartwarming to see Chelsea regain her confidence and feel like she knows what she’s doing after losing faith in WWE and having Maria root for her.

When the first round of the competition began, there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the air. Rok-C was demonstrating she wasn’t an underdog. Trish was showing everyone what time it was and why she was the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Champion. Quinn McKay was demonstrating her road to becoming a wrestler as well as how to remove your bullies. Miranda Alize was demonstrating what a vicious woman she is, and she had no feelings for the opponents she had to eliminate in order to proceed in the tournament.

Allysin Kay wanted to demonstrate her heritage as a former NWA world women’s champion while also paying tribute to historical icons such as Mildred Burke and June Byers, who helped put women’s wrestling on the globe. This past is significant to her, and she wishes to demonstrate her agnosticism and high level of performance.

Amy Rose is emphasizing the significance of being a good manager and how to develop your customer base to the moon and back. Amy has been a member of ROH for four years. Amy recognized a chance to assist Max the Impaler to vocalize her ambitions and structure his career after witnessing the absolute fear and force he would bring to the event. It’s remarkable to witness a female silent heel and quirky manager in this day and age. We’ve seen it with Paul Bearer, The Undertaker, Kane, Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji, Vader and Jim Cornette, and others. It’s great to see the manager-with-strong-heels dynamic resurface.

Trish Adora’s eyes welled up with tears as she was ousted from the semi-finals, but she earned a name for herself in the event. A whole community rallied around her, and new followers discovered the Afropunk magic.

During the Death Before Dishonor PPV, the electricity emanating from both Rok-C and Miranda Alize could be felt through the screen, as these two ladies were there to determine who would be the women’s champion.

Miranda’s swag demonstrated her sense of entitlement. She simply knew she was going to win the championship. Rok-radiance c’s and delight sprang from a never-ending desire to realize a 10-year-old ambition she had pursued up to that time. Rok-C took the championship home and was proclaimed the women’s champ and head of the division with her parents in the stadium and after a hard struggle.

If this documentary doesn’t sell you on the immense talent in this women’s division, I don’t know what could.

Check out this FREE documentary and use the hashtag #ROHTV

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