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Rok-C’s First ROH Women’s Championship Defense

On this week’s episode of Ring of Honor TV on FITE TV, viewers were finally able to see Rok-C’s first title defense against an up incoming star in the business, former MCW champion Gia Scott. The prematch interviews showed a fiery Gia, who made it clear that she was not only worthy of the ROH Women’s title but that the absence of Gia the Women of Honor summer tournament was a slight from Maria Kanellis and that she is the best damn woman in that ring.

ROk-C states that she knows that withholding the women’s title is a target on her back and is confident that she will come out strong in this title defense. After entering the ring, Gia immediately intimidates Rok-C, poking fun of the height distance between the two ladies. However, the champ brushes it off. Rock-C starts to lay on some effective headlocks early on. The sheer power that Gia has is impressive as she tries to wipe away every one of Rok-C’s attempted takedowns as if she was a gnat that she could pluck away. A hard shove to the turnbuckle and a side Russian leg sweep couldn’t take Rok-C out. Rock-C goes to submissions to try and take the win.

It looked like Rok-c had Scoot out, but Gia hit a beautifully vicious spear to buy some time. A confident Scott takes a little too long to go in for the kill, but Rok-C pulls out one more submission hold and takes home the win. A stunned Gia Scott lays out on the mat devastated, and a victorious Rok-C retrieves her belt to bask in her success. Gia Scott may not have gotten the win, but she proved that she is a wrestler with the brawn, guts, confidence, power, and mic skills to make it far in this business. Rok-C proved in this match that her title win was not a fluke and that she is willing to take on all comers. Big or small. Newcomers or veterans in the game. Whenever competitors underestimate her, it always backfires. The champ plays it cool and then goes in for the last strike. Be sure to watch ROH Final Battle: End of an Era to see if Rok-C will defend her title against Willow Nightingale or Mandy Leon on December 11 on Honor Club or FITE TV.


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