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Ruby Soho Leaves AEW Zero Hour With A Broken Nose

On Sunday evening, the Zero Hour preview of AEW’s annual All Out pay-per-view event opened with a mixed tag-team bout. The AAA Mixed Tag Team Championship challenge between Ruby Soho and Santana and Tay Melo, who had just been married, began with Santana running Guevara over with a golf cart.

All Out was launched with a lot of vigor thanks to that particular moment, but Ruby Soho suffered a tragic injury in the course of play.

Tay gave Ruby a strong knee to the face that may have made a little more impact than was planned, and then pinned her. Soho quickly bent over and held her bleeding nose, which was visible through her hands as she walked away. It appeared like the AEW star smashed her nose and multiple reports swiftly proved that to be the truth.

Ruby Soho broke her nose during the finish of the match, according to Fightful Select and other sources.

On social media, there are videos of the match’s conclusion in which Tay Melo checks on her opponent and alerts the referee to what appears to be an injury. View the conclusion in the video down below.

Tay was aware of ruby's nose injury when she did the pin, if you look closely she asked her "are you ok?" and then grabbed the ref who didn't noticed to check on her while she tried to not break character. You can tell Tay was worried😫 #AEWAllOut #AEW — 𝕬𝖑𝖛𝖆𝖗𝖔🌙✨ (@Roros219) September 4, 2022


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