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Sami Callihan Names The Virtuosa As One Of The Best

IMPACT! Wrestling has seen happy days and dark times. Since the pandemic, there has been a change within the promotion, a different hunger. Apart of that hunger is the Death Machine himself, Sami Callihan.

Callihan has always had a high level of value when it comes to the world of professional wrestling. I sit down with the Death Machine and he names one of my favorites as the best.

You want to talk about one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. Deonna Purrazzo has to be up there, male or female. Any ethnicity any way of life, Deonna Purrazzo - when it comes down for pound for pound for professional wrestlers is one of the best technical wrestlers on the planet. Like I say that all the time.

In promotions such as IMPACT! Wrestling, PWRevolver, and GCW, intergender wrestling becomes one of the most wanted styles of wrestling. Even in WWE, Rhea Ripley has been quite utilized within the men's stories.

In addition, we discuss the importance of intergender wrestling and having those interactions amongst all divisions.

Look, I've said this many times, many interviews before, I don't even think you should be called intergender wrestling at this point. There's just professional wrestling, you look at Marvel, you look at DC you look at all these different things and pop culture and that's extremely relevant right now and when you see Black Widow fighting the Incredible Hulk, or Miss Marvel fighting Loki or whoever I know that's not the people they fight but you get the explanation. Like it's not called intergender fighting in the superhero realm. And I think professional wrestling is the exact thing same, I think it should just be called professional wrestling at this point.

With all the history of the Knockouts division, this celebration of IMPACT1000 includes some of the greatest women's wrestlers of all time. Not too long ago, Mickie James makes it clear that Gail Kim and herself are at the top of the mountain.

I had to ask who Sami Callihan thought was the greatest Knockout of all time.

You have to go with Awesome Kong - Amazing Kong. She's a person of many names. She was one of my favorite wrestlers when I was in high school and getting into independent wrestling and getting into TNA. She is a performer like none other and I'm absolutely happy to see her be able to like branch out not just be in professional wrestling. She was awesome on the show GLOW on Netflix. She's an ambassador for women's wrestling everywhere. I don't think the Knockouts division would be what it is today if it wasn't for a character like her. Perfect place. Perfect time. Exactly what the wrestling room.

He goes on to pick JesSICKa as someone to join Rich Swann and himself. Of course, I had to ask if that included Courtney Rush. In my opinion, there is no party with the Death Dollz. See if Sami Callihan agrees!

Be sure to check out the full interview available now. Join #TheSaltShakkas every Thursday night for the best #IMPACTonAXSTV post-show in the world!

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