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Skye Blue Discusses Working With Mickie James During NWA Empowerrr Match Against Christi Jaynes

Mickie James is undoubtedly one of the most legendary names in the professional wrestling industry. Not only has she paved the way for women’s wrestling for almost the last quarter of a century, but she has helped numerous young up-and-coming stars along the way, including All Elite Wrestling’s Skye Blue. 

While speaking with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone on “AEW Unrestricted”, Blue described her experience working with James and how she aided in putting together her pre-show match with Christi Jaynes at NWA Empowerrr 2021.

“She pays attention to the little things, so when we were running the match by her because I wrestled Christi Jaynes,” Blue said. “We both had a lucha background, so we wanted to play on that because not a lot of people have as much lucha background as us. We were the first match, so we wanted to do something different so when you see the rest… it was a short pre-show match, so we didn’t want to take anything from the main card.

But even like the little things, the little details on our entrance, on our beauty shot, stuff like that, she was paying close attention to. I won with a roll I think and she was like ‘Make sure you roll out of the ring and then you celebrate ’cause you’re like holy crap, I just won. You want to get out of dodge because she’s a heel.’ How close attention she paid to the little things, and how the little things add up in the end. She was super hands-on, which is dope.” (h/t Fightful)

Aside from appearing at Empowerrr, Blue made several appearances on NWA’s weekly show Powerrr throughout 2021 and wrestled the likes of Lady Frost, Melina, Kiera Hogan, and Jennacide.

Blue put pen to paper with AEW in April of 2023 but has appeared on the company’s programming since 2021 on Dynamite and Rampage, as well as the now-defunct Dark and Dark: Elevation YouTube shows.

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