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Tasha Steelz Says It’s Time For Her To Go ‘Straight To The Top’ Of Impact Wrestlin

Everything excellent has to come to an end at some point. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan, known as Fire ‘N Flava, won the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament in 2021, and they held the belts two times total. Hogan’s exit from WWE ushered in a new era for Steelz, who has since risen to the top of the championship ranks.

In an interview with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, Steelz reminisced on her time on Fire ‘N Flava and spoke about her enthusiasm at the prospect of being able to shine solely on her own two feet again. She pledged to continue bringing the “flavor” in the future.

“Well, my thing was is if I’m gonna be on my own, then I immediately need to show these people that I’m going straight to the top,” said Hogan. “I’m not just gonna settle with just being a singles competitor and get single matches every now and then. I’m going to show all this flavor, and you’re going to get it 101 and I’m going straight to the top. That was my initial thing coming into IMPACT.

“So being able to tag with Kiera was a bonus for me, but now that I’m going back as a singles competitor, it’s great, it shows that I get to showcase myself instead of sharing the spotlight, which I didn’t mind because me and Kiera helped each other out. But now it’s just about me, and it’s about me showing who I am and why I’m here. Like I said, I brought the flavor when I came into IMPACT in 2020, and now I’m going to show why I brought in that flavor when I came in, in 2020.”

At IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender, Steelz will fight Mickie James for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship.

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