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Tay Melo Expresses Her Desire To Wrestle In Japan

During her short time in the wrestling world, Tay Melo has made quite a name for herself. Now, she has revealed which place in the world she most wants to wrestle in Japan.

“I love Japanese style,” Melo told Dark Puroresu Flowsion. It’s part of my roots because of judo. I always loved the culture, the language, the respect they have for each other, and the hard work. It’s no surprise that I want to wrestle Giulia more than anyone else. I can’t wait to share a ring with her one day.” (h/t Fightful)

Melo added that going to The Land of the Rising Sun has been a dream of hers before she got into wrestling. She had previously expressed in December of 2021 that one of her goals was to wrestle in Japan during an interview with Elite POV

“I know that I’ll learn a lot and it can change my career for the better. I remember training with Meiko Satomura for a little bit in NXT. So, I asked her to help me with my kicks, and the way she teaches, and the way she moves is everything, I just loved it. Also, I had the pleasure to work with Kairi, Io Shirai, and Shida, and man I always learned a lot from them and had so much fun. It’s truly the style I love and feels comfortable [with]. I’m super open to going to Japan, I really want to go. I’m waiting for the opportunity.” (h/t Fightful)

Tay Melo began her career in 2016 after signing with WWE. After four years on NXT, budget cuts forced her release in April 2020. In August, she and Anna Jay debuted in All Elite Wrestling’s Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.


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