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Taya Valkyrie Is Your New WSW Women’s Champion!

Some of our favorite Knockouts make their way to the Land Down Under! Tenille Dashwood, Chelsea Green, and Taya Valkyrie face off to see who will be the new World Series Women’s Champion. They competed today at Pheonix Rising presented by World Series Wrestling.

She does it again! Taya Valkyrie is your new WSW Women’s Champion. This woman is on a roll!

Now, Valkyrie is currently holding five different championships in five different promotions. Along with this championship, she is the current AAA Reina de Reinas Champion. In addition, she is the current MLW Women’s Featherweight Champion.

Last month, she becomes the first-ever XWP Women’s Champion. At Slammiversary, alongside tag team partner Rosemary, Valkyrie becomes one-half of the IMPACT! Knockouts World Tag Team Champions.

At this point, there is no stopping Taya Valkyrie. She is on one of the best runs in her career, proving that age is nothing but a number! She continues to display her dominance anywhere she goes. Here at WWT, we want to say congratulations to Taya Valkyrie on yet another amazing victory.

WSW is Australia’s Largest International Pro Wrestling Touring Company. The Pheonix Rising event continues on through the weekend. Be sure to check out all the action live on FITE TV.


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