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The Ballad of Gia and Frankie, (Professional Wrestling Documentary) Launches on Vimeo on Demand

Professional Wrestling Documentary, The Ballad of Gia and Frankie, Launches on Vimeo on Demand

Based on a tragic true story, the documentary was selected by 19 international film festivals and is now available for streaming!

Watch the trailer here

Brooklyn, New York – May 10, 2022 — Jambone Pictures is excited to announce that The Ballad of Gia and Frankie, an inspirational professional wrestling documentary about an LGBTQ+ wrestler has officially launched on Vimeo on Demand.

This innovative documentary is composed of several home videos which depict the story of Gia Savitz, a professional wrestler with aspirations of making it to the big stage. This protagonist is both an antihero and a courageous individual, who has persevered through horrific conditions and hardships. The documentary also uncovers Gia’s disturbing encounters with their hateful rival, Frankie Firestarter. This saga extended beyond the ring and unfolded over a period of 11 months until the mysterious disappearance of Frankie. 

Selected by 19 film festivals, including the Sweden Film Awards, the Global Indie Film Fest, the Couch Film Festival, and the Sonderblu Film Festival, The Ballad of Gia and Frankie is one of the only pro wrestling documentaries in recent memory to receive such recognition for its raw emotion and innovative storytelling. Learn more about the film and access the Vimeo streaming link at

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