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The Future of the Virtuosa: Deonna Purrazzo is STILL a Champion!

According to the Dictionary, Virtuosa is “a woman with exceptional talent or skill,” which Deonna Purrazzo represents. She became a household name, making everyone pay attention to the number 3 spot on PWI Women’s 150 List.

For the past year, Purrazzo continued to make her mark in wrestling with notable victories at Turning Point and NWA Empowerrr. The dynamic she brings to the Knockouts division displays a grace of power and dominance, leading her to hold two separate promotional titles simultaneously.

Many will say her partnership with Drama King gave her quite the advantage during her Knockouts reign. However, this only displays a piece of her journey. However, their victory at Homecoming led to Drama King becoming a non-factor in this battle between her and Mickie James, banned from ringside.

Deonna Purrazzo loss to Mickie James comes as a shock to many. James became a 4-time Knockouts champion and allowed women in the division to face the legend of Hardcore Country. The number one contender for the Knockouts championship is Mercedes Martinez, which creates questions about the next direction for The Virtuosa.

Photo credit: Impact Wrestling

So, what is next for Purrazzo? Let us not forget, that the title of this article proclaims, that she is still a champion. As she continues her first reign as AAA Reina de Reinas, the opponents are endless. The dropping of the Knockouts championship opens the door for more focus on her current title while finding new competitors along the way.

I would love to see a match between a long-time friend and current AEW Women’s Champion, Dr. Britt Baker. Each of these women is at the top of their game right now, so the clash would be electric.

However, the forbidden door seems to be stuck in the men’s bathroom. Hopefully, we see more women from different promotions face each other and give the fans what they want in cross-promotion.

With her absence on the latest episode of Impact Wrestling, where does this leave the former Knockouts Champion? As we await her return, one fact stands: The Virtuosa is far from done.


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