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The Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez Talks Wanting Latina Representation In Her Clientele

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

What are all the qualities of a great attorney? One would assume that they have confidence. Integrity. Passion. Analytical skills. Great communication. But most of all, a deep appreciation for law and people. No one fits those qualities better than “The Greatest Attorney in the World” Sophia Lopez. A calculating manager who has been with WOW-Women of Wrestling since the very beginning, Lopez has an amazing eye for talent and is relentless in getting results for the clients she represents.

Since this season of WOW Superheroes has started, she has represented the methodical Lucha star Tormenta and more recently, the tag team of Sylvia Sanchez and Vivian Rivera. During our time with Sophia Lopez, WWT host and writer Katrina Blake asked how she combines her deep knowledge of law into WOW and utilize that to choose her clients.

“Well personally just by being great and myself. I know about business. I’ve had experience in business and in law. I was in wrestling and being trained by WOW’s creative director Selina Majors, but I decided to be a voice for the wrestlers. You know, I thought when I met (WOW tag team) Caged Heat coming from jail, I thought “Well they need someone to represent them.” Someone that can stick up for them and ask for a second chance. I just decided to be that voice.”

Lopez serves as the representation and manager for the Lucha libre superhero known as Tormenta who has been in high profile matches with the likes of The Beast, Reina del Rey and Princess Aussie. When asked what drew her to Tormenta and any dreams she had for their partnership, Lopez expressed championship aspirations.

“We want to be the first Latina WOW World Champion. Tormenta is a former champion in Mexico. One of the things that stood out to me was her story. You know, she tried to survive, climb the ladder, make sacrifices and care for her son on the side…She has what it takes. She’s strong, she has nothing to lose and she’s here to prove herself. We want a belt! We want the championship.”

Sophia Lopez mentioned that she managed Caged Heat to tag team glory in the past, but now she also represents Las Bandidas with Sylvia Sanchez and Vivian Rivera. Katrina expressed interest in why Lopez decided to bring Sanchez and Rivera together.

“Well, you know I’m Latina, right. But I love every nationality. I had Krampus who was from Norway. I had Belta who was African American. But it was so funny because at some point…I thought I was going to bring the Latina power. I had Tormenta and I just felt it was right. I went to the indies. I was looking for someone from WOW, which was Vivian after she fought Tormenta. Then I went to the indies and met Sylvia. She has an amazing story. She’s been wrestling for so many years and she’s been doing great outside of WOW. I thought, “I need this girl because she needs an opportunity. She needs that “Sophia Lopez” support.”

When asked if she had a message to relay to the women of the WOW roster, Lopez said this:

“Well yeah! I want to say to them that I am the world’s greatest attorney, and nothing is going to stop me or my clients. You know we’re going to give everything in the ring. I love when Princess Aussie said that she wanted to find the best one, the most experienced. Someone that traveled the world. Those girls don’t really know that I have the best wrestlers. They should be scared of us because we’re not afraid of any sizes, any threats or anything! We just want to come and show that we can be the best. Not just the best, but the greatest!”

As a fantastic manager, trailblazer and attorney, Sophia Lopez has shown that with determination and being a strong voice for others, you can lift yourself into great purpose and identity. You can catch her and her clients Tormenta and Las Bandidas on WOW Superheroes every weekend on local listings and Pluto TV. Also highly recommended is the WOW Superheroes Aftershow live on Women’s Wrestling Talk on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook every Monday at 7 pm EST/6 pm CST with Katrina Blake, Emily Mae Heller and I, Stephanie Hardy.

Check out the full interview below.

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