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The IInspiration Wins Big At Bound For Glory

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The IInspiration are the new Knockout Tag Team Champions after defeating Rosemary and Jessica Havok of Decay at IMPACT’s Bound For Glory. Formerly known as the IIconics in WWE, they teased their arrival at Knockouts Knockdown last month, and the duo made their debut tonight. Cassie Lee (Peyton Royce) and Jessica McKay (Billie Kay) have not been on the wrestling scene since their WWE release earlier this year. The pair have been highly present on social media, leaving fans questioning which promotion they could show up.

Lee and McKay have been side by side since their NXT run and taking over the tag team division on the main roster. The IMPACT Wrestling locker room went crazy after the news broke out, as they are ready to shake up the entire Knockouts Division in the company. Before their release from WWE, the duo spent their last months in the singles division. After losing to Riott Squad, they separated themselves from the tag team division.

Instagram: @JessicaMcKay

During an interview with IMPACT’s Press Pass, Lee and McKay spoke about their new team name and why they signed to IMPACT Wrestling. “So, I will say, Chelsea [Green] was so helpful because she is everywhere,” said Lee. “We were able to bounce ideas off her and ask how everywhere was like. She was a huge help for us because she is just in everyone’s locker room, which is so great.” McKay added that IMPACT’s tag team division was the most significant factor in helping their decision.

“The Knockouts tag team division is just on another level. They take care of the women in Impact. They are showcased. There is a tag team division with multiple tag teams, which Cassie and I pride ourselves on being a cohesive tag team. So that was a big factor, but it also had to feel right. That was a big thing for us. We wanted it to feel like the perfect fit, and Impact is the perfect fit for us.”

As far as choosing their tag team names, McKay shared that it was difficult trying to figure which name would fit them. “There were many names thrown around. Some of them were good, some horrible, but it was about balancing stuff bizarre and seeing what sticks. Cassie, I will give props to her. She produced The IInspiration from Bring It On, a classic film. We have seen it a million times,” McKay uttered. “They called themselves ‘inspiration leaders,’ and she loved that and told me about it. Furthermore, I was like, ‘That is amazing.’ It stuck. It felt us, and it was so crazy. Now we say ‘inspire’ one hundred times a day, and I never knew that. So, of course, we are saying the word all the time. It fits for us.”

Now that The IInspiration are tag team champions, their reign could seamlessly be IICONIC!


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