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The Time Of Gisele Shaw Is Now!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Since her IMPACT! debut, Gisele Shaw continues to push the mold of women’s wrestling. Traveling all over the world, she is the one to pay attention to. From her entrance to her style along with her ring ability, Shaw is the true “IT” factor of women’s wrestling.

Her match with Deonna Purrazzo is the match that made me pay more attention. Getting in the ring with someone like Purrazzo is a challenge within itself. Shaw displays a different will to win, showing off her power and strength in every match.

I continue to become impressed by Shaw every time I get a chance to see her wrestle. Over the weekend, she goes one on one with the legendary Mickie James. Even without the win, the way she takes her opponents to their limits speaks for itself.

Along with her amazing ability in the ring, she is a star outside the ring as well. Having the courage to come out as a trans woman is something that many will never understand. Shaw is the representation that is needed more than ever today in wrestling.

In my opinion, the time of Gisele Shaw is now! This would be the perfect time to put some gold on her. Luckily for Shaw, this can happen in more ways than one.

Gisele Shaw – IMPACT Wrestling

Option 1

Shaw could easily go after the IMPACT! Digital Media Championship. A match-up with someone like Brian Myers would be completely different from what we have seen from her in IMPACT! thus far. Shaw owns the world of social media and holding that title is fit for her.

We need a Digital Media Champion who represents all across the internet. Shaw is someone who is always active and could put that championship on a higher level.

Option 2

Going after the IMPACT! Knockouts World Tag Team Championships would be ideal for me. Secondly, teaming up with Mia Yim is perfect! Be sure to check out more of my thoughts on this team in my previous article.

Option 3

Lastly, the IMPACT! Knockouts World Championship. Shaw is no stranger to holding world titles. She is a former PROGRESS World Women’s Champion, holding for almost 300 days. After the dust settles between Jordynne Grace and Masha Slamovich, the winner should keep an eye on Gisele Shaw.

Stay Booshie! – Nickie Booshie xoxo


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