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The Women of MLW War Chamber 2021

Saturday night, MLW had their show War Chamber, an event with many matches to appeal to all kinds of wrestling fans. There were two women’s matches on the MLW War Chamber card for 2021. This MLW show took place in the 2300 arena in Philadelphia. There were two women’s matches scheduled. The first was a women’s tag team match. The Sea Stars vs. The Top Dogs. The other was a singles match between Willow Nightingale and Holidead.

The Sea Stars vs. The Top Dogs

It was announced in October that The Seas Stars would take on The Top Dogs. The Sea Stars are made up of Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox. They are undefeated. The Top Dogs consist of Davienne & Skylar.

The Top Dogs came out first to good applause which got me excited. The Sea Stars were next. They also got good applause and they seemed really energetic. Right away The Sea Stars worked together showcasing their tag team moves. Delmi and Davienne battled it out for a bit in the ring before Skylar was tagged in. Both ladies of The Top Dogs worked over Delmi by keeping her in the corner. I thought that was smart of them. Delmi was able to gain some strength and get out of the corner.

Delmi tagged in Ashley and that turned the match around. Ashley had a hot tag giving kicks, elbows, and many strikes. The crowd seemed energetic about that part. Delmi got back into the match having some energy after resting for a bit on her side of the ring. Ashley was able to get the pin taking the win for The Sea Stars.

This was a fun match to watch.

Winner: The Sea Stars (Currently undefeated)

Willow Nightngale vs. Holidead

The Babe with Power, Willow Nightingale was one of the women introduced as part of the MLW Women’s Featherweight Division on September 22, 2021. The women announced were Brittany Blake, Holidead, Nicole Savoy, The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo), Zoey Skye, and Willow Nightingale. She was the first woman on this new division to pick up a win in MLW where she took on Ashley Vox (one of the members of The Sea Stars). She won doing her Willow Bomb and it was the start of great things to come.

Leading up to the match at MLW’s War Chamber it was announced on October 25m that Willow will take on Holidead. Holidead attacked Willow on an episode of FUSION which led to a match being set for War chamber. Before the match, Willow sat on commentary while The Sea Stars had their match with The Top Dogs. The Sea Stars won. Holidead attacked her after that which led to them brawling to the back of the arena.

When it was time for the match, Holidead came out with Dax on a chain. Next up was Willow. Willow was all smiles as she came down the ramp filled with energy and good vibes. There was some applause, but the crowd quickly started cheering Blue Meanie as he was going to be on ringside.

Willow started off the match strong, but Holidead quickly turned the tables. Willow was able to land a kick to Holidead face and then a nice move into the turnbuckle. She got to the top of the rope to do a move, but Holidead took her off and did some good groundwork in the ring. Holidead had the upper hand in the match for a good chunk of time afterward. However, Willow turned it around giving a lot of forearms to Holidead.

Holidead released Dax to get Willow on the outside of the ring, but Blue Meanie stepped in. Willow used this to her advantage and kicked Holidead in the face again. There was some quick tag team work with Willow and Blue Meanie. However, Holidead was able to pin Willow and score the win.

Winner: Holidead

Other Matches and Results:

MLW National Openweight Championship Ladder Match:

Alex Shelley vs. Myron Reed vs. Zenshhi vs. ACH vs. Alex Kane

Winner: Alex Kane

Gnarls Garvin vs. Bud Heavy

Winner: Gnarls Garvin

Matt Cross vs. nZo

Winner: nZo (Debut Match)

MLW Opera Cup Semi-Final:

Calvin Tankman vs. TJP

Winner: TJP

Philadelphia Street Fight (MLW Tag Team Championship)

Los Parks vs. 5150

Winner: 5150 (New Tag Team Champs)

Warhorse vs. KC Navarro

Winner: KC Navarro

MLW Opera Cup Finals:

TJP vs. Davey Richards

Winner: Davey Richards

Homicide vs. LA Park

Winner: LA Park

Arez vs. Aramis

(Winner receives a briefcase full of money from Cesar Duran Match)

Winner: Arez

Main Event

Alex Hammerstone, Savio Vega, Matanza Duran (Jeff Cobb), EJ Nduka, and Richard Holliday vs. CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu, Ikuro Kwon, Josef Samael, Mads Krugger, and a CONTRA foot soldier)

Winner: Alex Hammerstone, Vega, Duran, Nduka, and Holliday

After the match, Jacob Fatu fights with the CONTRA unit and they split up.


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