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This Week in WWT: 2-13-21

A lot happened this week on Women’s Wrestling Talk, the #1 women’s wrestling show on the planet. Our hosts TK Trinidad, Emily Mae Heller, and Sarah the Rebel brought you women’s wrestling interviews and podcasts, including Pro Wrestling Pets with Quinn McKay and the WWT Interview with The WOAD. Our Star of the Week was Zoey Stark and we also had our weekly WWT News on Thursday.

Pro Wrestling Pets with Quinn McKay

This week Emily Mae interviewed Ring of Honor’s host and backstage correspondent Quinn McKay and her three pets. Her pets are both rambunctious and adorable. Quinn has a dog named Hafthor and cats named Loki and Waffles. During the interview you’ll hear her pets fighting and making lots of noise and find out what type of wrestlers they would be. Quinn was one of the many who adopted a pet during the pandemic and would also like to add a baby goat to her family if it was practical.

WWT Interview with The WOAD

This week our women’s wrestling podcast interviewed The WOAD. The one-eyed, thick-thighed weapon of ass destruction has had other names but has now embraced being the first woman of color to wrestle with one eye. She spoke about body positivity and her passion for acquiring puppies, as well as a possible tag team with Faye Jackson. Formerly known as Double D’Rose and Aisha Sunshine, she defeated Mia Yim to win the BTW women’s championship and was proud to take part in the Say It Loud event.

Star of the Week: Zoey Stark

This week’s Star of the Week was Zoey Stark. Formerly known as Lacey Ryan, she held the FSW Women’s Championship for over a year. Stark was also the UCW-Zero Ultra-X Champion twice and has appeared for Impact, Shimmer, Mission Pro, and more. Zoey signed on with the WWE’s NXT brand in 2021.

This Week in Women’s Wrestling History

Here’s some interesting women’s wrestling history and trivia. On February 18, 1985, Leilani Kai defeated Wendi Richter to win the WWF Women’s Championship. Five years later the title was deactivated for more than three years. On February 4, 2002, Jazz won the title. She is still active almost 20 years later.

Match of the Week: The WOAD vs. La Rosa Negra

For our first women’s wrestling match of the week we bring you our interview subject this week, The WOAD vs. last week, La Rosa Negra. This match is from Mission Pro Wrestling. With no fans or commentators you can hear everything the wrestlers and referees say. Check it out, especially if you’ve never seen these ladies in action. This match is available for free on YouTube from Title Match Network.


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