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This Week in WWT: 3-23-21

As WrestleMania season heats up, things are getting busy at Women’s Wrestling Talk, the #1 women’s wrestling show on the planet. Our women’s wrestling podcast is hosted by TK Trinidad, Emily Mae Heller, and Sarah the Rebel who bring you women’s wrestling interviews with some of your favorite wrestlers and superstars. We recently had a big interview with Vickie Guerrero, Pro Wrestling Pets with Masha Slamovich, and a lot more. Don’t forget to tune into our weekly WWT News on Thursday on Instagram Live.

WWT Interview with Vickie Guerrero

Excuse me, did you catch our big interview with Vickie Guerrero? Vickie always has a lot to say and she did not disappoint. Our hosts asked her about her daughter Shaul Guerrero and who she would like to manage. She talked about her time in WWE and some of the crazy things she did and how she is not as mean as her character makes her out to be.

Star of the Week: Maki Itoh

This week’s Star of the Week is Maki Itoh from Japan. You’ve likely seen her competing in AEW recently. The former pop idol has been successful in Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling before competing in the AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator tournament. Keep your eye out for more from this talented superstar.

Pro Wrestling Pets with Masha Slamovich

Our Pro Wrestling Pets segment featured Masha Slamovich and her dog Haruma from Tokyo. Masha is a Russian wrestler who competed in Impact Wrestling in 2019. She has competed for many promotions, including Game Changer Wrestling, Global Syndicate Wrestling, and Mission Pro Wrestling.

Match of the Week: Masha Slamovich vs. Leyla Hirsch

This week we bring you the WWT Match of the Week. This match is from Mission Pro Wrestling’s Empty Promises and features two Russian superstars in action. Leyla Hirsch has been gaining ground in AEW while Masha Slamovich is a veteran of the independent circuit. Check out this match courtesy of Title Match Wrestling on YouTube.


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