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Tootie Lynn

Wrestling’s indie circuit is full of the incredible talent that goes unappreciated. The majority of wrestling fans only watch the main leagues like WWE or AEW, but due to Fite TV, IWTV, and even AEW Dark, viewers can learn about these up and coming wrestlers and their careers.

There’s a good chance you’ll see “The Little Blue Dragon,” Tootie Lynn, on one of these programs or streaming services.

It was not until Tootie was in her early 20s that she began training for professional wrestling, despite having a 1st-degree black belt in martial arts. She made her professional wrestling debut in a three-way match against Savanna Stone and Raven Victoria after training at Dynamo Pro wrestling.

Next year, Tootie participated in a number of Midwest campaigns. Tootie Lynn continued to work the Midwest wrestling circuit in firms like Glory Pro Wrestling, Cape Championship, and IWA Mid-South, all the while building her image as a tough and tenacious competitor.

After making appearances on both AEW Dark and NWA’s Women’s Invitational Cup, Tootie Lynn has continued to shine in her career. Lynn, the last contestant, defeated Masha Slamovich in the semifinals. In the end, it came down to Lynn and first-place finisher Chelsea Green.

The invitational was won by Green, despite the best efforts of Tootie. Anyone who has seen “Little Blue Dragon” in person or on the internet knows what a fantastic response she generates. Tootie brings a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy, and a lot of devotion into the ring, and we can expect to see her on more large stages in the future.


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