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Top 5 AEW Womens Division Moments

AEW’ Women’s division has always been on somewhat of a rocky ground. With almost three years under its belt, the same complaints of not completely committing to its women’s division or putting its female opponents on par with the wen continue to haunt the organization. With the highs have come lows. The company has been lavished with praise for its diversity and giving talented women a second chance or bigger platform. While a distinct lack of representation and unenthusiastic booking has led to questioning whether AEW truly cares about their women’s division. 

Despite the rocky road that AEW’s Women’s division has been on since its inception, that has not prevented the company from having spectacular moments that have markedly changed the landscape of wrestling, created stars and unforgettable visual imagery. 

Here is a short list of some of the greatest moments of AEW’s Women’s Division.

Jade Cargill crowned TBS Champion 

While AEW have built a roster of quality talent, none feel as big of a star as Jade Cargill. She is a generational find similar to a Kurt Angle, who steps into the business with next to no experience and absorbs everything like a sponge to become one of the hottest talents on the roster. 

Jade’s crowning moment (so far) was her TBS Championship title win on January 5th this year. In a battle against Ruby Soho, which could have gone either way, AEW made the decision to pull the trigger early on one of their most impressive home-grown talents. I was skeptical at first, given Jade’s relative inexperience. But this is one situation where I am happy to admit I was wrong. 

The win has seen Jade rocket into the spotlight and is possibly the highlight of every Rampage. Her charisma, her on-screen presence and power Jade has shown that she is the total package and has already begun to pass her Starpower onto Kerian Hogan and Red Velvet as her Baddies. 

Jade has made the TBS Title her own, so it’s hard to picture anybody else with it.

Thunder Rosa vs Britt Baker Lights Out Match

You couldn’t make a list of AEW’s Women’s Division and not include this. The hellacious battle between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker. 

This match was frantic. It was bloody. It was unlike anything that I have ever seen before. At the time, the women’s division was still reeling from the fallout of the pandemic. It wasn’t back to full health. To counteract what felt like an internal sentiment of the company, that the women’s division was not ‘good enough’ or ‘big enough’ for a main event spot, Britt and Thunder stepped into the ring with something to prove. 

Through blood, thumb tacks and tables the two women opened people’s eyes to the potential behind the women’s division. The match was the buzz of the online wrestling community and had people blushing with its sheer violence. 

A truly outstanding and violent moment on this list. The visual of a blood-soaked smile of Britt Baker is an image burned into the history of AEW.   

Nyla Rose vs Riho AEW Dynamite 

Probably the most culturally important moment on this list, February 12th, 2020, saw Nyla Rose take on Riho for the AEW Women’s Championship on an episode of Dynamite. Winning the match in stunning fashion, the victory saw Nyla become the first Transgender person to win a world title in the United States. 

The significance of this win extends far beyond the realms of wrestling. Trans people continue to be one of the most underrepresented people in society. When we hear or see Trans individuals, it’s usually in a negative light or in a political context. Trans people are rarely portrayed for who they are, human beings. Nyla’s time as an AEW Champion is one occasion where that was not the case. 

For showing the world what Trans people are able to achieve and putting one as the face of the women’s division, Nyla’s win deserves a spot on this list.  

Nyla Rose vs Hikaru Shida Full Gear 2020

2020 was a year of unexpected events. But in one of the rare occasions of a welcome surprise in 2020, we saw Hikaru Shida become AEW Women’s Champion. 

In a drag–out brawl at Full Gear, Shida managed to prevail and beat Rose in a hard-fought victory. This scrappy match was filled with twists and turns. It was a victory that gained more importance as time went on, as Shida continued to cement herself as a strong Women’s champion, competent wrestler and as a woman capable of carrying a company on her back. 

Shida’s championship run that began at Full Gear formed the foundation of the empty area wrestling caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Britt Baker Turns Heel  

Everyone knows Britt Baker as a badass megastar with a sharp wit and even sharper promo abilities. However, as effortless as it seems now, that was not always the case. It was a journey one that began on the choppy waters of the Jericho Cruise. There Britt cut a clumsy promo. Despite the backlash from the initial promo, the next week there was another, then another and another. 

This promo marked the beginning of the transformation of Britt Baker, from the smiley baby face into the s*** talking heel that is now considered AEW’s golden girl. It was the first time AEW took a vested interest in one of their female talents and gave them the opportunity to make mistakes and develop.

It was the beginning of something great and a landmark moment in the career of Britt Baker. Who knows where the doctor would be without it?   

Final Thoughts

There you have it, just a small taste of the most memorable moments in AEW’s Women’s Division. But what are some of your favorite moments? What is missing off the list? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you. 


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