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Top 5: IMPACT! Moments – Rosemary

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Amid Halloween, scary movies and haunted houses tend to take the forefront for entertainment. However, this season always makes me think about some of my favorite IMPACT! Wrestling moments. The best ones are the ones that appear quite spooky to some yet exciting to many.

Rosemary comes first to mind and has given the fans of IMPACT! Wrestling some pretty spooky moments over the years. Here are my top 5 IMAPCT! Wrestling Moments from the legendary Demon Assassin herself, Rosemary

#5 – Allie Dies in Rosemary’s Arms / IMPACT! 2019 

Photo credit: Impact Wrestling

This moment gives a different side of Rosemary unknown to all, a side of empathy. It also gives matches, horror, suspense, and eventually death. A short film that displays hurt and pain, leaving many questioning the next move for Rosemary. One thing is for sure, the vengeance for Allie will be a dark path for many, even Rosemary herself.

#4 – Rosemary vs. Su Yung / Demon Collar Match 2019 

Photo credit: Impact Wrestling

This brutal match takes us on a ride of death and destruction. Chained together, there is no escape from the green mist. This victory allows her fury of dominance to remain heavy over the Knockouts division.

The dragging of Su Yung out of the ring displays the hold and control Rosemary will have going forward on anyone that plans to stand in her way.

#3 – Rosemary vs. Jade / Monster’s Ball 2017

Photo credit: Impact Wrestling

The chemistry between these women goes back to their iconic match in the 6 Sides of Steel. This time, Jade wants the victory and will do anything to take Rosemary out of that equation. This rivalry leads us to Monster’s Ball, where the Knockouts Championship is on the line.

However, the title takes a backseat to the destruction these women plan to cause to each other. Once again, the wrath of the Demon Assassin stands tall and kills all.

#2 – Rosemary Returns to Homecoming / Homecoming 2019 

Photo credit: Impact Wrestling

This moment forever shifts the dynamic of the Knockouts division going forward and shocks everyone. Let me say, if I were a Knockout and she returned, I would be spooked. Rosemary returns, jumping right out of the casket, fighting against the undead bridesmaids. She meets Allie in the ring, and the terror is too much. She escapes the wrath of Rosemary for now. This return sends a chill through the Knockouts division, and everyone is on notice, especially Allie. 

#1 – Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie / Demon’s Dance Match 2018 

Photo credit: Impact Wrestling

From start to finish, the intensity of this match goes beyond the crowd’s roaring. These women are so different in character yet so similar in the ring. One thing is sure; their presence will be felt no matter the opponent.

The fight to be the best, along with their sights on the Knockouts Championships, gives this match so much passion and story. From ladders to chairs, these women look to take each other to death.


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