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Upcoming NWA Live Shows

The National Wrestling Alliance returns to Knoxville, Tennessee. This live event will take place on the last day of this month, Tuesday, January 31st. In addition, this show will kick off the road to NUFF SAID, happening on February 11th.

It is noted that NWA Women’s World Champion, Kamille, is set for action. Also, see TNA legend Angelina Love with Fodder of CYN as Psycho Love makes their debut. In addition, there is a wedding planned between May Valentine and Aron Stevens. Ahead of NUFF SAID, there will be a contract signing between the current champion Tyrus and his challenger Matt Cardona.

According to an email sent out by NWA, the premiere episode of NWA Presents airs Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at 6:05 pm EST. Fans will be able to watch it on the NWA YouTube Channel.

The president of the National Wrestling Alliance, Billy Corgan, says,

“This show is so special because it allows legends to tell an unfiltered story about the wrestling industry they came up in.” He continues, “What I really like is when I show off an old wrestling program or picture from my memorabilia collection and you can see memories rushing back to the guests on the show. It sparks conversations you would never get to hear otherwise,”

NUFF SAID takes place in Tampa, Florida and tickets are still on sale. Following this event, NWA will be hosting TV tapings on Sunday, February 12th, and Monday, February 13th. Tickets for those events are also on sale.

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