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Vickie Guerrero Would Love To Be AEW’s General Manager

Vickie Guerrero of AEW recently talked with the What Culture Wrestling Podcast about how far the organization has come. Guerrero has mostly collaborated with Nyla Rosa in her AEW capacity. She also expresses her delight at seeing fresh talent join AEW’s already stacked roster.

“Yeah, it has grown so much, and we have a lot of talent that Tony Khan has signed,” she shared. “So, to see everyone grow, and to see the company grow as a whole has been exciting for us. I am happy to be there.”

Nyla has been good to Vickie Guerrero. She said that she misses not being able to be the general manager, but that she has done a good job. That is a job in which she excelled during her WWE tenure, but AEW does not seem to be interested in having an on-screen authority figure.

“Yeah, I mean I am a little sad that I don’t play the general manager, I do miss those times a lot,” she expressed. “It was so much fun to make out with guys, and hire and fire people, and to slap women, and get away with it, you know? Those were really fun times, so it’s kind of a different situation in AEW, and I wish I could do that. But you know, hopefully, I can manage more people.”

Her famous “Excuse Me” catchphrase is the first thing that springs to mind when people think of Vickie Guerrero. While it is a word she commonly uses on television, it is not one she employs in real life.

“You know, I haven’t,” she said on using it outside of wrestling. “I kind of forget when I’m at home and I’m just plain Vickie in my sweats. But at work, I find those two words really fast. I want to be nice to people, especially at restaurants. I don’t want to yell at people because they’ll spit in my food.”

Would you all be interested in seeing Vickie as GM of AEW?

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