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Viva Van vs. Violette at HOG: The Beginning

Viva Van is a professional wrestler who has displayed her immense talent in multiple promotions. She has appeared on various shows, including Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, AEW, PCW Ultra, and Impact Wrestling. The first Vietnamese-American professional wrestler is Viva. She also provided funding for the establishment of Vietnam’s first and only pro wrestling school.

Viva has six belts at the moment. The titles held by these women are the PCW Ultra Women’s Championship, AWF Women’s Championship, BTW Women’s Championship, FSW Women’s Championship, NTLL Women’s Championship, and Tomahawk Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship.

Ultra Violette, the current HOG Women’s Champion, received her training from Amazing Red. She had previously won the Women’s Warriors of Wrestling title as well. Violette has been establishing a reputation for herself over the past seven years thanks to her speed and ring savvy.

#TheBeginning #HOGWrestling Womens Championship @HellBentVixen v (c) #UltraViolette Brilliant Back&Forth Battle for the GOLD!! Viva Van showed off her arsenal of solid offense & increased the pain w/ the Tarantula!!! Stellar Match!! Watch on 📺 @fitetv 📸 @HOGwrestling — Dino🐺C🤘 (@NVhowlingWolves) February 4, 2023

HOG: The Beginning

Many technical holds and moves were used in the opening stages of the match. By using various holds and locks, both women attempted to outsmart one another. Viva Van initially appeared to have the advantage throughout the match, though.

It appeared that the audience was somewhat divided; many people wanted Violette to keep her title. A group of people, including myself, supported Viva because she already holds six belts, and adding a seventh to her collection would be amazing.

Both would attempt big boots during the match, which resulted in both connecting. After that, it appeared that Violette was given more momentum. Violette would reverse a victory roll and win the match while keeping her belt, just as it appeared Viva had this one in the bag to add a seventh belt to her collection.

Was I dissatisfied? Yes, Viva Van is my girl, but this was a fantastic match, and I hope to see Viva Van back at HOG in the near future.


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