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What’s Next For Kiera Hogan?

Kiera Hogan recently found her wrestling career flipped upside down after a surprise dismissal from the Baddies two weeks ago on Dynamite. Kiera has been a Baddie for much of her time in AEW. She joined the company in September 2021 and became a Baddie alongside Red Velvet in April 2022 under Head Baddie Jade Cargill. Leila Grey temporarily replaced Red Velvet in the Baddies after she was injured.

Fans could see the cracks between Jade and her Baddies when Nyla Rose stole the TBS Championship from Jade and started calling herself the TBS Champion. Leila and Kiera fought Nyla for weeks to get the TBS Championship belt back to Jade. Kiera tried several times to jump Nyla from backstage to reclaim the belt, but she failed each time. Jade retained the TBS Championship and reclaimed her belt from Nyla at Full Gear. Red Velvet had returned, and Jade seemed to have three Baddies behind her as she was interviewed about retaining her championship and the championship celebration on Dynamite the following week. At the end of the interview, Jade hired Smart Mark Sterling to hold Kiera back and legally inform her that she was no longer a Baddie, leaving Kiera shocked and confused.

The following week at the actual celebration, there seemed to be tension between the remaining Baddies and Jade, as well. Jade said Leila and Red Velvet were still with Kiera over the weekend and that her word is law. Red Velvet appeared dissatisfied, which is something to watch in the coming weeks. Jade, Red Velvet, and Leila Grey will face Kiera Hogan, Skye Blue, and Madison Rayne on Dynamite Wednesday. It will be interesting to see if the Baddies will fight Kiera or another member of her team.

Kiera Hogan has already made a name for herself in the wrestling world, so it would not be unimaginable for her to start making a name for herself in the AEW Women’s division as well. She began her wrestling career in 2015 and already has accomplished numerous things in just a short 7-year time frame. Kiera started out by wrestling in numerous independent promotions in the Atlanta area. She eventually caught the attention of Impact, and they offered her a contract in 2017. Kiera found herself in various high profile matches and storylines during her time with Impact. She was arguably at her best and most successful when she started teaming with Tasha Steelz as Fire N’ Flava. Fire N’ Flava defeated Havok and Nevaeh for their first reign and Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering for their second. Kiera wrestles as Fire for Women of Wrestling and other independent promotions.

With all this experience, it shouldn’t be too worrisome that Kiera is no longer part of the Baddies. She’ll hopefully get her chance to show AEW what the wrestling world already knows about her. Another possibility is that Kiera will defeat Jade and win the TBS Championship. Kiera wants to prove herself to Jade and herself, making a match between the two intriguing. Red Velvet and Leila Grey could easily turn against Jade to help Kiera win. I hope Kiera doesn’t get stuck in Dark or Elevation because Jade’s story is so intriguing and could go in so many directions. We will have to stay tuned to Dynamite and Rampage in the coming weeks to see it all unfold.


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