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Willow Nightingale

Wrestling Connection Training Academy in New York City is where Danielle Paultre, nicknamed Willow Nightingale, trained before making her professional debut in 2015. (NYWC). Bull Dempsey and Mike Mondo were in charge of her training. During her six-month training period, she also had her first match as a referee in the New York Women’s Wrestling Championships (NYWC).

Willow has been a wrestling fan since she was 9 years old, identifying Lita and Trish Stratus as her favorite female wrestlers. Since her debut at NYWC in 2016, this Babe with Power has earned the NYWC Starlet crown. Besides NYWC, Willow has competed for RISE, CHIKARA, Beyond Wrestling, SHIMMER, WOW and Ring of Honor in MLW, AEW Dark and Ring of Honor’s New Japan Pro Wrestling. Brooke Valentine, Faye Jackson, and Solo Darling are some of the noteworthy ladies she has collaborated with.

When Willow appeared on Women’s Wrestling Talk before, she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity she had been provided with. Her honesty about never shying away from her true self was one of the things that drew me in as a fan. Many aspects of her character resonate with me. At numerous independent events, I have had the pleasure of seeing Willow. Even when she’s heeling it up, she’s always so upbeat and upbeat-minded. When it comes to interacting with fans, this is a skill that is so uncommon and so vital.

Willow’s performance in the Ring of Honor women’s world championship tournament alongside ladies like Rok C, Trish Adora, Allysin Kay, and Miranda Alize. I thought it was a great opportunity for her to show off her awesomeness to a wider audience. This month, Willow should be recognized for her original style, as well as for always being herself in the ring.

Compared to prior years, the sorts of women we see entering the ring in women’s wrestling have generally improved. I can’t wait for her to accomplish all the things she still has on her plate.


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