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Women’s Wrestling Army Was One For The Books

Maria Kanellis had her first Women’s Wrestling Army show this past week On May 1st in Providence, Rhode Island at Fete Music Hall. Maria has had experience not only as a wrestler, but as a manager. She also worked very closely with getting the ROH women’s tournament last year.

A tournament that was both great to watch and showcased many skills of many women wrestlers. After Ring of Honor decided not to go forward with the roster and things changed within the company itself, Maria debated with herself about even running a promotion.

Many women asked her and she thought of looking into different ways to go about this. Which led to the first show a few days ago.

The day of the event featured also WWR’s Hit ‘em up Style. Two events showcasing the fabulous women in the ring.

The results for the first WWA show were the following:

· Miranda Alize def. Laynie Luck

· Queen Bee def. Christina Marie

· Trish Adora vs Big Swole – No Winner it ended in a time limit draw

· Queen Aminata def. Gabby Ortiz

· Nicole Savoy def. Janai Kai

· Kayla Sparks (c) def. Maserati in the CCW Network Championship Match

· Tasha Steelz def. Taya Valkyrie

· No DQ: Alex Gracia def. Jody Threat

· NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championships: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) (c) def. Holidead & Willow Nightingale

Maria went on the “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast” to talk about how the first show went and her thoughts on what would be next for WWA.

Maria stated that she wanted to have the next show quite soon, listing June as the month for the show. She also stated that she would love to do it in Chicago.

“June, this will be very scary, June is looking terrifying. June will be our next one and it will be in Chicago. It’s scary. We have a date in mind, it’ll probably be in Chicago. It’s going to be a similar set-up and kind of place.”

– Maria Kanellis (Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling)

Another point of note is that Maria had also wanted to book so many women on the show. She mentioned being stressed about not being able to book all the women that she would want. Maria wants to be able to feel how the women are able to work with regards to their style and their personality within matches. Mia Yim was a person, Maria wanted to have on the first show but it wasn’t possible to book.

I see great things happening with WWA and I can’t wait to see what happens for the next show in June.


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