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WOW World Champion Penelope Pink Talks Her Evolution, Facing The Beast & Fighting with The Fabu

In the world of wrestling, there are so many personalities from different sides of the track. You have your blue-chip athletes, your mystical beings and monsters, humble dreamers, and those who believe they are God’s gift to the sport itself. When it comes to the current iteration of Women of Wrestling (WOW Superheroes), the final description fits no one better than the WOW World Champion Penelope Pink.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Penelope possesses the toughness and work ethic that a wrestling star needs for success. But there are two things that set her apart from her counterparts: her unabashed confidence and ability to make beneficial connections. Since her debut last September, she has been attached at the hip to WOW World Champion and OG The Fabulous Lana Star who introduced her to a lifestyle that would rival any Hollywood star.

Under Star’s tutelage, Pink has been signed to a major agency, driving luxurious cars, and probably the most beneficial of all has won matches in decisive and controversial ways. Then with the formation of Lana’s Fabulous Four faction with Penelope, Miami’s Sweet Heat, and Vickie Lynn McCoy, Pink has risen to the top of WOW by winning the coveted WOW World Championship at Los Angeles Comic Con this year. Her winning the title solidified her as “the best damn thing WOW has ever seen.”

Since her debut on WOW last September, she has had quite a journey with amazing opponents and a dominant faction that holds a lot of gold. Now she holds gold herself. When asked about her evolution from her debut to now, Penelope Pink credited The Fabulous Lana Star and her growth for where she is today.

“Well, I gotta say when Lana Star asked me to be her next protege, I was at a loss for words. I mean, to be in the presence of Lana who is just the staple of WOW, and walk out next to her, was such an amazing feeling. And we knew from day one, I said I was the best damn thing that WOW has ever seen…We just had to find really like-minded people that knew that they wanted to be at the top of the mountain, no matter what.

I believe that we have surrounded ourselves with women who share the same goal. So the difference between Penelope then and Penelope now, I have to say, I think I’m a little bit nicer because I don’t have this locker room by myself anymore. I have a locker room with a bunch of girlfriends! So I think I’m actually nicer. I know I’m shocked!

After last week’s episode of WOW Superheroes showcasing former champion The Beast’s rehabilitation, I asked Penelope if she is worried about the possibility of having to face her for the World title she never lost.

We are surrounded by so many talented women in WOW and they’re really busting their butts. And I’m not going to lie, I just don’t get why she thinks she could walk in, I mean if she can walk, and get a first shot. I feel like she has to go to the back of the line because all these other women are out there every week proving their worth and really working hard. But you know, if she comes back, I mean she recruited Jungle Grrl to be her trainer and those are two very profound WOW World Champions. It’s not like she’s taking it easy, I have to say, but for me, it’s the back of the line for The Beast because there’s a lot of competition when you’re gone for so long.

This Saturday, Penelope and her faction The Fabulous 4, accompanied by The Fabulous Lana Star, will take on Tiki Chamorro, Leia Makoa, and The Tonga Twins as the Island Dynasty in a stacked 8 woman Tag Team match. When asked about their strategy, Penelope appeared highly confident in the chemistry of The Fab Four.

I have to say that we are a well-oiled machine. The Fabulous Four do everything together. We train together, we shop together, and we’re in a group chat together where we’re sending memes to each other. We’re always together, and you know, this Island Dynasty, they just kind of stumbled into one another. So how much of a collective group can they honestly be? You know, I mean, when you’re always together, you’re in sync, you know what the other one is thinking. I just feel like we have the edge no matter what. And if they’re going to stick their nose in our business, we’re going let them know why not to.

As the WOW World Champion, Penelope Pink has raised the bar with her innovative arsenal and army of equally fabulous wrestlers who want to take control of WOW and all of wrestling. You can catch their action every weekend on local listings and Pluto TV. Also highly recommended is the WOW Superheroes Aftershow live on Women’s Wrestling Talk on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook every Monday at 7 pm EST/6 pm CST with Katrina Blake, Emily Mae Heller, and me, Stephanie Hardy.


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