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Wrestle Carnival Look to Crown First Queen of the Carnival

2022 is a new year. With a new year comes new goals, new beginnings, and in the case of Wrestle Carnival , a new women’s championship. This week news broke that the recently founded promotion will be crowning their first women’s champion at their first event of 2022.

The fledgling company out of Nottingham, England, will crown their inaugural, Queen of the Carnival, at their upcoming Carnival of Champions event.

Wanting to put on a big show, Wrestle Carnival had reached deep into the UK wrestling scene and pulled out a star-studded list of competitors. The eight-women match is a who’s who of talent, including Rhio, Alex Windsor, Jetta, Mercedez Blaze, Chantal Jordan, former EVE Women’s Champions Charlie Morgan, and Lana Austin, and from my hometown, the Liverbird Lizzy Evo.

Wrestle Carnival has declared the match a Gauntlet For the Gold in an added touch of showmanship. Two competitors will begin in the ring, with the other six entering at timed intervals. Eliminations follow the standard battle royal rules of over the top rope eliminations. Once the ring has been cleared of all but two competitors, the match becomes a traditional 3-count fall match that can be won by pinfall or submission.

With the UK indie wrestling scene slowly creeping back to life after a two-year pandemic-induced hiatus. It is good to see that things are slowly returning towards some level of normality.

The Carnival of Champions takes place at the Portland Centre in Nottingham this coming Sunday, January 30th.


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