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WWE 2K23 DLC List

Here is a detailed breakdown of every DLC Pack for WWE 2K23 that has been publicly revealed so far. When new details, such as the complete list of WWE 2K23 DLC, are released by 2K, this guide will be immediately updated.

Five post-launch content packs for WWE 2K23 will feature well-known WWE Superstars, Legends, and a number of young NXT stars making their franchise debuts. WWE 2K23’s Season Pass, Deluxe Edition, and Icon Edition all come with the full set of post-launch content packs, while individual post-launch content packs can be purchased.

The names of the WWE 2K23 content packs and the game’s current release dates are listed here.

WWE 2K23 Season Pass

The WWE 2K23 Season Pass will include five post-launch DLC character packs in addition to the MyRISE Mega-Boost, which grants 200 extra Attribute Points, and the Supercharger, which unlocked all WWE legends and throwback arenas in the base game.

The WWE 2K23 Season Pass includes:

  1. 5 DLC Character Packs

  2. SuperCharger

  3. MyRISE Mega-Boost

Season Pass is included in the Deluxe and Icon Editions of WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 DLC Packs List:

DLC #1: Steiner Row Pack

Release Date: April 19 Includes Playable Superstars:

  1. Scott Steiner

  2. Rick Steiner

  3. B-Fab (Manager only)

  4. Top Dolla

  5. Ashante Adonis

DLC #2: Pretty Sweet Pack

Release Date: May 17 Includes Playable Superstars:

  1. Karl Anderson

  2. Luke Gallows

  3. Tiffany Stratton

  4. Elton Prince

  5. Kit Wilson

DLC #3: Race to NXT Pack

Release Date: June 14 Includes Playable Superstars:

  1. Harley Race

  2. Ivy Nile

  3. Wendy Choo

  4. Tony D’Angelo

  5. Trick Williams

DLC #4: Revel with Wyatt Pack

Release Date: July 19 Includes Playable Superstars:

  1. Bray Wyatt

  2. Zeus

  3. Valhalla

  4. Joe Gacy

  5. Blair Davenport

DLC #5: Bad News U Pack

Release Date: August 16 Includes Playable Superstars:

  1. Eve Torres

  2. Wade Barrett

  3. Damon Kemp

  4. Andre Chase

  5. Nathan Frazer

WWE 2K23 Ruthless Aggression Pack:

The Ruthless Aggression Pack, which features retro versions of Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Batista as Leviathan, and John Cena as The Prototype, will take you back in time while demonstrating RUTHLESS AGGRESSION. Gain access to the John Cena Legacy Championship as well as the WrestleMania 22 arena.

Release Date: Deluxe and Icon Editions of the game are available at launch. Later this year, separately available. Price: TBA Includes Playable Superstars: Batista (Leviathan), Brock Lesnar ’01, John Cena (Prototype), Randy Orton ’02

WWE 2K23 Bad Bunny Bonus Pack:

When you pre-order WWE 2K23 or purchase the Deluxe or Icon Editions of the game, you will receive the Bad Bunny Pack. The Pack comes with a Ruby tier MyFACTION card and a playable Bad Bunny character.

Release Date: Deluxe and Icon Editions of the game are available at launch. Later this year, separately available. Price: TBA Includes Playable Superstars: Bad Bunny

The WWE 2K23 Deluxe and Icon Editions come with the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack.

WWE 2K23 SuperCharger:

The WWE 2K23 SuperCharger lets you access throwback arenas like Halloween Havoc ’97, RAW 2005, SummerSlam ’88, and more from your in-game Shop in addition to all WWE Legends that were accessible at launch, such as The Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg, Trish Stratus, and Hollywood Hogan.

It probably won’t, though, unlock Superstars or other unlockables from modes like 2K Showcase or MyRISE, as it did in WWE 2K22. The WWE 2K23 SuperCharger is a component of the Season Pass, which is also a component of the game’s Deluxe Edition and Icon Editions.

We’ll soon reveal more details about the WWE 2K23 DLC, including the five DLC character packs.


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