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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | Chantiese

Chantiese aka Harts is a podcast host, Black Wrestling Historian, and a wrestling show creator.

I met Chantiese in 2020. We were both co-hosts in wrestling, and an entertainment podcast called Unpopular Review.

From there both she, and I would move on from UPR, both creating our own platforms. Chantiese would go on to start a podcast/live stream with Stan Michael called Talk of Champions where they alluded to funny moments and realness in all wrestling. Specifically wrestling from previous years and covering WCW and NOW.

Chantiese was also instrumental in helping plan the first Black Girl Magik show in 2021. By, 2022, she would do even more for Black Girl Magik 2 making sure to plan the show, get all the details together, and make sure every person on the card was paid their correct amount. She made it possible for the show to be as successful as it was with word of mouth and promoting it any and everywhere.

She was also responsible for dropping knowledge over the years about Black Wrestling History. There, she highlighted known and those not too known during the months of February to show the many amazing Black wrestlers in the industry from past to present. You can check that out under #BlackWrestlingHistory.

I believe, Chantiese has so much more to offer, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.


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