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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | Faye Jackson

Faye Jackson, a native of Ohio, decided to enter the world of professional wrestling after being terminated from a job she despised because she felt so mistreated that she had had enough. She desired to wrestle over working. She noted that it was nice to see a black woman like WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline in WCW intergender matches. Additionally, she observed Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero.

Faye began her professional wrestling career as a valet under Grim Reefer’s name Big Booty Trudy. Later, she was trained in a delirious state at the ring of honor dojo. Faye has been involved in classic matches with the likes of Mia Yim, LuFisto, Brittany Blake, and Veda Scott since her Ring of Honor debut match against former impact Knockouts Champion ODB. She has participated in promotions ranging from Brii Combination Wrestling to Pro Wrestling VIBE. She retired in 2021 after injuring herself in her final match against Dan Barry at Terra Calaway’s Benefit show. At Braumatica, she’ll face “The All Father” Darius Carter.

Faye Jackson recently began modeling outside of the wrestling world while training at the Ring of Honor Dojo. In a world where girls are size 2, blonde, and perky, Faye had to prove that she is self-confident and looks as good as other women, if not better. Currently, she is modeling for Playboy’s Centerfold. Whether inside or outside of the wrestling ring, Faye’s personality radiates everywhere.

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