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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | Janelle from HR

Being a Black woman in the space of wrestling media is a unique experience full of trials and triumphs. There are the days when you feel your voice is at its strongest, and the ones where you feel silenced and ignored by a fandom that you give so much to. But the blessing in being a part of the wrestling media community is knowing when you have found your people. Every tribe has wise people who mentor the next generation and push the boundaries with their intelligence and passion. Janelle from HR, host, commentator, and business queen, epitomizes this glorious sisterhood.

Janelle grounds the bold and electrifying Jobber Tears Podcast with Sir Wilkins and Mr. Blaac with her honest wrestling fan and working woman opinions. She helps her hosts navigate mainstream wrestling’s weekly ups and downs. With Janelle at the center of the long-running show, Jobber Tears has grown into a thriving network with shows on sports and relationships and energetic pay per view/premium live event watch parties at the Legends Bar & Grill in New York City for wrestling fans of color.

Janelle has also commentated on wrestling events and co-owns Battle Club Pro, a Brooklyn based wrestling promotion. She has managed events such as Welcome 2 New York and Jobber Slam! Janelle’s greatest strength in wrestling media is her ability to see others in the same position and lift them up. She heals Black women and inspires them to succeed in a harsh world. Janelle from HR deserves a garden of flowers for all she has and will continue to do in wrestling.


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