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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | Kiki aka Keeks

I met Kiki aka Keeks through Chantiese, and from day one she was a person I vibed with off the fact that she was a wrestling fan like me.

Kiki had a wrestling website called Queen K Wrestling News, where she would post thoughts, stories, and interviews she had with wrestlers in the industry. One of my favorite interviews was with her and Amber Rodriguez.

Kiki would also start a podcast in 2020, called The Dastardly Duo Podcast with Meko. On the podcast, they would give their honest and controversial opinions and thoughts about matches, shows, wrestlers, and titles.

Soon enough, Kiki would take her talents to be in the booth doing color commentary for promotions in her hometown of Texas.

Since its inception in 2019, Kiki has been a devoted fan of AEW, tweeting along with other wrestling fans and having spirited debates about the matches, wrestlers, and moments. This would lead to Kiki joining the Public Enemies Podcast to have her own show called All Elite with Keeks and Friends. There she really gets into the nitty gritty and dabs into the fun side as she likes to say.

Kiki has also been on multiple panels, including mine Behind the Magic: WOC in Wrestling. A panel that both Chantiese and Lo were also a part of different cons.


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