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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | Lo Of Wrestling Winedown

Lo and I first met in February 2021, when I was one of the panelists and she invited me to discuss social media on a Royal Rumble episode. The group was known as The Prosecco Panel.

Lo started her podcast Wrestling Winedown almost 4 years ago. A combination of both wrestling, and SmackDown. The podcast was started while she, attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas where she was studying for a degree in Journalism. With her friend, Hayleigh, Lo would create the podcast to talk about wrestling. Having women hosts wasn’t that common at the time.

Lo wanted to have a platform that would highlight her thoughts but bring something new to the podcast world as well.

“We wanted to have that girl talk. Be in the week girlfriend chat about professional wrestling. So, we started thinking and I’m like we need to incorporate something else. My friend loves beer, and I was like, I’m not really a beer drinker, I don’t know about that, and I was like what about wine.” -Lo “SEScoops Interview”

 The first episode of Wrestling Winedown was on April 13, 2019. And it has become a place of informative and lively discussion also paired with a fantastic glass of wine. While Hayleigh did step away from the podcast, Lo continued to make it what it is today. She wanted to inspire other women who enjoy wrestling to get into podcasting.


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